Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance World Quest Guide and Walkthrough!

Lightcall resonance world quest is the latest world quest in Genshin Impact 3.6 and you can get more rewards by completing it. Here’s lightcall resonance world quest guide and walkthrough in GA.

In this world quest, you will come across many NPCs including Paimon, Sorush, Jarjar. They will guide you to complete lightcall resonance quest easily.

Hero’s Wit, Mora, Primogem, and Adventure EXP are some rewards for completing lightcall resonance Genshin Impact quest. Now let’s check the description and pathway to accomplish the lightcall resonance quest of Genshin Impact easily here at GA end.

Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance World Quest Guide and Walkthrough!

You can start the quest in Sumeru by speaking to Jarjar and complete all trials. Then meet pari to know more information about the quest. There will be a series of trials and you must complete all these to complete the entire lightcall resonance.

Tunigi Hollow is the quest location for this lightcall resonance world quest and it’s also a subarea that’s located in Gavireh Lajavard at Girdle of the Sands of Sumeru in Teyvat.

Interact with Jarjar and Sorush continuously and complete all trials. Then clear enemies in the area and unlock platforms. Demolish mechanisms and get access to unlocked doors.

Again speak to Jarjar and complete following missions. Then speak to Paimon and Pari NPC to know the locations to next path. Break the crystal objects and defeat mobs under caves and other zones.

Next wait for the following day and meet Jarjar once again to complete the next trial. Now you can meet pari and wait for the next day to complete the next set of objectives. Finally you need to wait for an interaction between Jarjar, Sorush, and pari. This will also complete the lightcall resonance world quest in Genshin Impact.

This is what you need to do to complete the quest. Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance World Quest is all about speaking to these NPCs and completing trials, objectives. At certain places, you also need to clear enemies, mobs, and unlock platforms by breaking mechanisms.

Lightcall Resonance World Quest

Continue to do this and get all new rewards for completing the lightcall resonance Genshin Impact world quest in Genshin Impact 3.6. Complete the Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance World Quest and unlock new rewards too.

Lightcall Resonance World Quest


That’s a wrap for lightcall resonance world quest Genshin Impact guide. All the best tips and tricks along with strategies to complete the Genshin Impact Lightcall Resonance quest have been shared here.

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Is Genshin Impact a Good Game?

Genshin Impact is an amazing anime adventure game that you can play on all devices except Xbox alone and this adventure is sure to take you all by surprise too. A wonderful adventure where you as traveler will travel beyond the world of Teyvat. Many locations and characters are available.

You need to travel and complete quests using weapons. Characters are from different elements like Anemo, electro, hydro, and Dendro vision too. Every playable character in Genshin Impact is beautiful too. Genshin Impact for mobile will be amazing as you can simply swipe and tap to complete all challenges and quests too.

You can now complete the spring web event to get new rewards too. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more exclusive Genshin Impact leaks and updates too. Also complete other Genshin Impact challenges and events too.






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