Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest Guide – How to Unlock, Walkthrough, and Rewards!

Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest: Genshin Impact version 3.6 brings an exciting new world quest, Pale Fire Genshin Impact, which requires players to find and awaken Fravashi trees. Players receive the Pale Fire set, rare 4-5 item used to bolster characters who deliver physical damage, as a reward for completing the mission.

In this guide, we’ll provide a walkthrough, all Fravashi tree locations, how to unlock, and the rewards for completing the Genshin Impact Pale Fire world quest.

Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest

How to Unlock the Pale Fire World Quest?

To unlock the Pale Fire World Quest, players must complete the “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom” questline. Once completed, players will receive an invitation from Zurvan to investigate the Fravashi trees. Accept the invitation, and the quest will begin.

Walkthrough: Activating the Fravashi Trees :-

The Genshin Impact pale fire world quest requires players to awaken all the Fravashi trees by finding and activating them. To do this, follow the quest marker until you reach the Fravashi Tree. Use Sorush to awaken the tree and search the area for Pari Fragments.

Once you’ve found all the fragments, return to the tree, and the tree will be fully activated. To complete the Pale Fire World Quest, players must activate all the Fravashi trees. This can be done after talking to Zurvan.

Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest

Tips for Completing the Genshin Impact Oale Fire World Quest :-

To get the most out of the Pale Fire set, players should choose characters that rely on physical damage. The set provides a bonus that increases the character’s attack, but it only activates when an enemy character uses an elemental skill on them. Therefore, characters who use an auxiliary talent to strike adversaries are required.

Players should avoid being hit by adversaries, as the timer is greatly shortened if they are hit. Take advantage of the Dream Flowers. When struck by electricity, the seeds will glow white, making them more noticeable and simple to locate.

In addition, if the flower blocks an enemy, it will cease attacking the player. You’ll need stamina to block the enemy’s hits, so don’t let it totally drain. Avoid engaging the adversaries to keep your stamina from draining too quickly.

All Fravashi Tree Locations in Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest :-

There are a total of five Fravashi trees i. Genshin Impact pale fire world quest that players must activate. The locations of the trees are as follows:

  • North of Nazuchi Beach
  • South of Nazuchi Beach
  • East of Nazuchi Beach
  • Southwest of Nazuchi Beach
  • Northwest of Nazuchi Beach
Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest
Rewards for Completing the Pale Fire World Quest :-

Completing the Pale Fire World Quest rewards players with Adventure EXP x 350, Primogems x 40, Hero’s Wit x 3, Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6, and Mora x 30,000.

Additionally players earn the achievement “Homeward-Bound Spirits. Despite not being a direct reward for finishing the quest, the Pale Fire world quest set may be found at the Ridge Watch domain in the mountains halfway between Mondstadt as well as Liyue.

What is the purpose of the Pale Fire Set?

Pale Fire is a set of artefacts that supports characters who do bodily injury. The attack is raised by 9% for 7 seconds when an elemental skill hits an opponent. This effect accumulates up to 2 times and can occur once every 0.3 seconds. When two stacks are attained, the two-set effect is 100% stronger. Characters like Razor and Eula, who were created with physical damage in mind, work well with the Pale Flame set.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, the Pale Fire World Quest in Genshin Impact version 3.6 is a challenging and rewarding quest that requires players to locate and awaken Fravashi trees. Completing the quest rewards players with Adventure EXP, Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora, as well as the satisfaction of having conquered a difficult challenge.

The Pale Flame set is a rarity 4-5 item that can be obtained from the Ridge Watch domain and used to improve characters who deal physical damage. Overall, the Pale Fire World Quest is a great addition to Genshin Impact and provides players with a fun and engaging experience.

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