Discovering the Secret Fortnite Eren Basement!

Fortnite Eren Basement: Fortnite has launched its latest crossover event, this time with Attack on Titan. The collaboration has introduced new skins and weapons, but players are also curious about a secret location – the Jaeger Family Basement. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the hidden Fortnite Eren basement, its location, and what loot you can expect to find.

Fortnite Eren Basement

What Is in the Fortnite Eren Basement?

Players can find various items inside the Fortnite Eren basement that could help them in the game. The location contains a regular chest and some ground loot, but the highlight is the guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker. This Footlocker offers players either Thunder Spears or ODM Gear, which are powerful items that could give them an advantage in the game.

Location of the Fortnite Eren Basement :-

The Fortnite Eren Basement is an essential location in the Attack on Titan series, and its inclusion in the Fortnite x Attack on Titan crossover event is exciting for fans of the anime and manga. The location is hidden, and players need to explore the Anvil Square POI to locate it. The area is in the center of the Fortnite map, making it a highly contested location at the start of a match.

Fortnite Eren Basement

However, if players manage to get there first, they will have an excellent opportunity to loot the area and obtain powerful items like Thunder Spears and ODM Gear. To access it, players must enter the building from the eastern side and go down some steps that lead to a wooden door. Once inside, they will discover the hidden basement.

Fortnite Eren Basement

Exploring the Fortnite Eren Basement is also necessary for players looking to unlock the Eren Jaeger set, which is one of the most beloved characters from the anime series. The basement is a small but significant location that contains secrets about the Titans, and players can learn more about this exciting world by exploring it.

Completing Quests to Unlock Eren Jaeger’s Set :-

The basement is part of the quests required to unlock Eren Jaeger’s set, which is a beloved character from the Attack on Titan anime series. By completing this particular quest, you’ll be able to use the anime key that Eren’s father gave him as a back bling. It also assists in gaining access to the Jaeger skin.

Fortnite Eren Basement

In order to find the basement in Anvil Square POI, players will need to look underneath the buildings. This region is likely to be congested, especially at the beginning of a game. It is a great place to rob, though, if you can get there first.

Conclusion :-

Fortnite x Attack on Titan’s latest collaboration has introduced a secret location – the Fortnite Eren Basement that players can explore to get exclusive loot. Players can find the basement in the southeast corner of Anvil Square, but they should be prepared for stiff competition from other players.

Fortnite Eren Basement

Completing the required quest for the basement is an essential step towards unlocking the Eren Jaeger set, which is a beloved character from the anime. So, put on your gaming gear and get ready to explore this exciting new location.

The inclusion of the Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite x Attack on Titan adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, providing fans of the anime and manga with an opportunity to immerse themselves further into the Attack on Titan world.

Players can now explore a hidden location that holds secrets, just like in the anime and manga series. With new challenges to complete and items to obtain, the Jaeger Family Basement is a must-visit location in Fortnite for fans of Attack on Titan.

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