Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite: Complete Now!

Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite: Update V24.20 for Fortnite has been published, accompanied with patch notes that outline the changes made by developer Epic Games in this version, which also includes additional Attack on Titan material. All the materials can be found on the map at different locations if you search scout regiment footlockers fortnite.

Why Do the Players Need to Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite?

Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite

The latest update trailer makes clear that there are other skins for the anime. For lovers of the anime, the ODM Gear, Thunder Spears, and a little map update are now included in the game. The basement of the Jaeger household is now easily accessible to players in Anvil Square. In the meanwhile, search Scout Regiment Footlockers fortnite to discover all over the globe and include ODM Gear and Thunder Spears.

The Anvil Square basement is the guaranteed location as of now on the map where the players can search scout regiment footlockers fortnite and enjoy the chest from the recent update with the anime The Attack on Titans.

More About the New Patch Notes

There are also skins for the anime, as you can see in the newest update clip. Although the Capt Levi and Mikasa Ackermann clothes are presently accessible through the Item Store, the Eren Jaeger outfit is obtainable with the Battle Pass (as well as being required for completing the newest The Eren Jaeger Quests).

The Dirt Bikes as well as the Port-A-Bunker have both been unvaulted, which is the largest change in terms of performance and meta. Several Legendary armaments in the game have undergone a number of modifications in the meanwhile. You can view the official patch notes for the update and the referenced trailer below.

Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite


  • In Zero Build, I unvaulted the Port-A-Bunker.
  • The dirt bikes were de-vaulted.
  • a Rare-rareity Kinetic Sword was shown. the same amount of damage as the Epic
  • Just two Kinetic Dash charges are available in Kinetic Blade’s Rare counterpart. Rare
  • Both standing Kinetic Blades and ground-based Kinetic Blades are available.
  • reduced the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun’s maximum headshot damage.
  • reduced the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle’s accuracy and hipfire rate.
    You can reduce the number of legendary overclocked pulse weapons dropping in trios and squads by seizing a rifting-in POI.
  • Reduce the quantity of Mythic Havoc Pump Shotguns discovered within Vaults in Trios and Squads.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a problem where players might continue to benefit from hot springs’ healing powers.
  • Resolved a problem wherein restarted players might occasionally become invisible to teammates.


  • Arena and competitions do not contain Thunder Spears.
  • In the arena or in competitions, dirt bikes really aren’t permitted.

ODM Gears: Search Scout Regiment Footlockers Fortnite

After the update v24.20, ODM Gear, or Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, has indeed been added to Fortnite. This item or weapon will function similarly in the game as it does in the Attack on Titan anime/manga. It will allow players to deal deadly strikes to opponents hiding atop constructions or buildings.

The Scout Regiment Footlockers and Chests are where you can find it, though. If they are lucky, individuals who are unable to locate one of the two may also come upon some ODM Gear scattered throughout the ground. The spawn rate of this item will be restricted on the ground due to its tremendous strength.

The POIs Mega City, Anvil Square, and Brutal Bastion are probably where ODM Gear will be most helpful. Players will have adequate space to move with the item because these places have a lot of towering buildings and structures nearby. Aerialist Reality Augmentation will make battle more engaging when used with the item, as a final point.

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