Destroy Structures with A Thunder Spear Fortnite: Location & how To?

Destroy structures with a Thunder Spear Fortnite: With each fortnightly update, Fortnite continuously adds new material, often in ways that nobody could have predicted. Epic has included some wrist-mounted missiles known as Thunder Spears as part of the v24.20 release. They project out now and stick to buildings, explode, and cause enough damage that can destroy structures with a thunder spear Fortnite.

The whole information for the Fortnite Thunder Spears can be seen below.

How to Destroy Structures with A Thunder Spear Fortnite?

Destroy Structures with A Thunder Spear Fortnite

You must locate Thunder Spears in Fortnite and then shoot them at any buildings or other constructions you come across on the landscape in order to demolish them. We advise going into a structure and opening fire on a corner. The mission will advance as quickly as possible while dealing the most harm.

The new Thunder spear will help the players to complete the missions fast by attacking their opponents’ towers and also the building inside the game with a good amount of damage. In Fortnite theses from one location you can shoot 6 big and major shot to destroy structures with a thunder spear Fortnite building and other things helping them in their progression to complete the quest.

In Fortnite, Where Do Thunder Spears Spawn?

Destroy Structures with A Thunder Spear Fortnite

The Thunder Spears will be “retrievable from the floor, Boxes, and Scout Regiment Footlockers,” according to Fortnite’s v24.10 blog article. These should be sought for by players in areas with a high likelihood of loot spawning. Mega City and other locations could function, but Anvil Square is also specifically mentioned in the blog article.

These intriguing new weapons, which are an element of the AoT scenario, were employed inside the manga and anime to combat the Armored Titan. Similar functions will be served by it on the island, where players will use it to destroy fortified structures and any enemies dumb enough to stand in their way. Players should try them out themselves as it’s uncertain how long they’ll be in the game.

Players will probably have to employ brand-new tools like Thunder Spears in order to defeat foes as part of this week’s Five objectives. Extra AoT cosmetics & progress towards higher battle pass levels will be awarded for completing these missions.

In Fortnite, Where Is the Jaeger Family Basement?

The location of the Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite is explained in detail here.

We don’t know precisely where this feature is, other than to say that it’s tucked away inside the Anvil Square POI, according to the v24.20 release. As the update goes live, players should check the basements of the nearby buildings. Further details on the Jaegers’ basement at Anvil will be added to this guide once we are certain of its precise location.

Even in the early episodes of the anime, Eren Jaeger was looking for his family’s basement, even if he wasn’t always aware of it. Players will probably discover treasure and the unique new AoT-themed chests scattered among scientific apparatus in it.

Players will probably wonder where to discover it as quickly as the update goes live because Epic Games doesn’t frequently create a secret new place like this. It is possible that there is a quest associated with the event that needs participants to locate it.

The Chests found in this location serve the players with the spear which helps in the destruction in a wide range during the game.


To Destroy structures with a Thunder Spear Fortnite and complete the quests the players should utilize the spear in a much more cautious manner. So, that designated missions will be completed by the players quickly and effectively.

Since the commencement of Chapter 4, season two, of Attack on Titan, an Attack on Titan overlap has been announced to be coming from Epic Games, who haven’t shied away from anime partnerships in the last 18 months.

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