Hollow Project Mugetsu: How to Become a Hollow

Hollow Project Mugetsu: Project Mugetsu is a popular Roblox game developed by Osiris Productions, inspired by the anime series Bleach. Players can design their own unique characters in the game, with gameplay variables like race and build having an impact.

Gamers have the option of progressing as an Arrancar in Hueco Mundo or exploring the Soul Society as a Soul Reaper. Players can compete against other players in PvP matches in Project Mugetsu’s ranked zone to show off their development and expertise. So in this article we will discuss all about the Hollow Project Mugetsu and how to evolve from it.

Hollow Project Mugetsu

What Are Hollow Project Mugetsu?

The corrupted ghosts of the dead known as hollows resemble twisted monsters with holes in their chests and masks covering their faces. Demons hunt human souls ferociously in order to ingest them. In Project Mugetsu, players can choose to become a Hollow and gain experience by feasting on body parts.

Hollow Project Mugetsu

How to Become a Hollow in Project Mugetsu?

To become a Hollow in Project Mugetsu, players must speak to Aizen, marked with a flashing red soul icon, who gives them a quest to slay a Soul Reaper, identified by a green mark on the player’s screen. After completing the quest, players must return to Aizen to transform into a Hollow Project Mugetsu.

How to Evolve from a Hollow Project Mugetsu to an Arrancar?

To evolve from a Hollow Project Mugetsu to an Arrancar, players must follow specific steps. As a regular Hollow, players must collect 625 XP by eating body parts while also reaching level 5 or higher to evolve to Menos. Players must survive as a Menos for 1 hour in a public server or 4 hours on a private server and be at least level 25 to become an Adjucha.

To evolve into Vasto Lorde as just an Adjucha, gamers must acquire 1875 XP by consuming body parts and achieve level 50 or above. To evolve into a Vastocar like a Vasto Lorde, gamers must gain 2250 XP by consuming body parts and win the mask mini-game. Any advancement achieved in that particular game will be lost if you lose the mini-game.

  1. Hollow Project Mugetsu
Eating Body Parts as a Hollow Project Mugetsu :-

Gamers are only allowed to consume a maximum of four body parts each kill, and the type of monster determines how much experience is gained for each body part. Base Hollow Project Mugetsu and humans yield 1 XP per body part eaten, while Base Soul Reapers give 2 XP, and those with Shikai give 3 XP.

Adjuchas and Vasto Lordes give 3 and 2.75 XP per body part, respectively, and Arrancars yield the highest amount of XP at 4 XP per body part. Project Mugetsu is an exciting action RPG set in the Bleach universe, available on the popular Roblox platform. The game is a must-play for Bleach fans and Roblox enthusiasts alike.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, Hollow Project Mugetsu offers a unique gaming experience where players can immerse themselves in the world of Bleach, creating their own personalized characters and exploring different areas.

The ability to choose between being a Soul Reaper or an Arrancar, and even becoming a Hollow Project Mugetsu, adds to the excitement of the game. Players can now display their talents and compete with others thanks to the ranking zone. Overall, Hollow in Project Mugetsu is a great game that offers endless entertainment for fans of Bleach and Roblox.

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