Fortnite Survive Storm Phases While Carrying a Weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher – Easy Guide! #4

Fortnite Survive Storm Phases While Carrying a Weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher is the latest weekly quest. This Fortnite week quest is a part of the syndicate quests too. Here’s how to complete Fortnite survive storm phases quest easily with our guide and pathway at GA.

New set of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 weekly quests have arrived and Syndicate quest is the latest addition to the same too. You can complete this new quest easily too.

Fortnite survive storm phases is all about landing at a spot and surviving the incoming storm. You can complete this easily and also get 15k XP too. Here are easy tips and tricks to complete survive storm phases in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Fortnite Survive Storm Phases While Carrying a Weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher – Easy Guide! #4

You can get to the newly launched river guard clan and syndicate in Fortnite island. Then use a kinetic blade or any other pick axe as your weapons too.

Just wait at every spot and survive all storm phases for three times. Make sure that you are also using the Fortnite epic rarity weapons or even higher than those too. Then only you can complete survive storm phases Fortnite Mega syndicate weekly week quest easily too.

Don’t fight against any players or enemies in spot and wait for storm to approach. Then you can use weapons to survive three different storm phases and then you can easily complete this new quest too. If Fortnite survive storm phases syndicate quest is glitched or bugged, you can simply restart to fix and resolve it too.


That’s all and a wrap for Fortnite survive storm phases while carrying a weapon of Epic rarity or higher syndicate week quest guide at our GA end. Many even say that this survive storm phases Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 quest is bugged too.

But the survive storm phases quest is not bugged as of now and you can fix and solve the Fortnite survive storm phases quest easily and complete it too.

Complete this new quest and also get 15,000 XP as your rewards. You can complete the rest of the Fortnite mega season quests to get more XP rewards too.

Fortnite Survive Storm Phases

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Fortnite Survive Storm Phases

Fortnite has always been the numero uno when it comes to battle royale game always. And with Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Epic Games has achieved so much, and it’s obviously a known fact that Fortnite is at the pinnacle of its gaming career right now.

Ever since 2017, Epic Games has never failed with Fortnite, even with several Fortnite allegations and cases, they never looked back too. And there have also beens several Fortnite bans and news, but none of them have been true too.






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