Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind 2023

Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind is an intriguing game mechanic that debuted in COD Weapon Mastery Season 8. Players currently have competitor lists for dominating a weapon, and COD Weapon Mastery has at long last worked out a technique for players to focus on a weapon reliably following two years. Previously, after leveling up a firearm, players would frequently grow tired of using the same pistol for an extended period of time. That is why most competitors dislike adhering to the norm. Players who misuse the meta force other players who aren’t using the finest weaponry to take them back up if they want to win. 

Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind 2023

With firearm proficiency in COD Weapon Mastery, players will be less tired with the meta because it no longer requires grinding the rankings for it. There are also a few rewards available at each degree of weapon proficiency. Players who reach the leaderboards will see their position displayed in every room. With the start of the ranked season, the leaderboards for each firearm will be restored. Here’s everything COD Mobile users need to know about weapon proficiency.

Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind

COD Weapon Mastery, there are four levels of firearm proficiency. It begins with Iron and progresses to Gold, Platinum, and Master. Beyond Master level, there are ranked leaderboards that participants must work their way up to. Weapon proficiency points can be obtained in the following ways: Weapon Master points are awarded based on a player’s total success in a battle, as well as wins and losses. 

  • 0 to 2000 points – Points can be earned by participating in normal and rated multiplayer or Battle Royale battles.
  • 2001 to 3500 points – Players rated Pro and above can receive points by participating in graded battles in multiplayer or Battle Royale.
  • 3501 to 5000 points – Players rated Master and above can receive points by participating in ranked battles in multiplayer or Battle Royale.
  • Over 5001 points – Legendary and above players can receive points by participating in rated battles in multiplayer or Battle Royale.

Legendary players will also be able to enter the leaderboards of the community of their choosing. Weapon Mastery is especially easy to get, however it will require players an investment to do as such.

Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind 2023

How To Get HDR Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3

When a client arrives at rank 21 of the new fight pass, they will actually want to gain the HDR Expert marksman Rifle. Another season implies new awards, and this one merit moving gradually up to on the grounds that the HDR is probably going to stir up the standard this season among range players. The HDR is a manual action expert marksman rifle that was first introduced in COD Weapon Mastery Present day Fighting (2019), and it was an amazing powerhouse in any event, during the game’s single-player story.

The weapon sparkles at managing high harm over a significant distance and can without much of a stretch one-tap most players, however it misses the mark regarding control, accuracy, and discharge rate. However, players can use the Gunsmith to mitigate some of these disadvantages, transforming the DHR into an excellent long-range melter with improved accuracy and control. This is even backed by Activision, who has named the following attachments as the most suggested for HDR in their promotional material: 

  • Heavy Suppressor Muzzle
  • Bipod – Underbarrel
  • 9-round magnum ammunition
  • FTAC Champion Stock
  • FMJ is a benefit

Of course, players can still tinker with these attachments to their hearts’ delight, but it’s a good illustration of how to mitigate some of the gun’s drawbacks while maximizing its potential. We’ve even broken down our choices to make the finest HDR loadout for you to check out. Sniper Rifle players will also want to test out the new Wheels On scorestreak, which is available in Season 3, as it works well with a sniper loadout and allows you to confuse, pick off, or even flee foes. 

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