Iftar Table Fortnite: How To Complete The Quest? #1

Iftar Table Fortnite: Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 event is taking players on a magical journey to a Tour island that’s filled with palm trees, camels, lanterns, and a desert. The island also boasts impressive skyscrapers that players can explore while they complete a series of quests.

Completing these quests will not only earn players a lot of XP but also unlock exclusive in-game rewards. One of these rewards includes a neat weapon wrap that players can apply to their guns. So in this article we will discuss about the Iftar table Fortnite sub quest. And how to solve it.

Iftar Table Fortnite

Lantern Fest Quest Category :-

To earn this weapon wrap, players must complete three quests within the Lantern Fest Quest category. The first quest involves completing challenges at Lanternfest Tour. These challenges can be anything from eliminating enemies to finding hidden treasures. The second quest requires players to solve the Lied Puzzle at Lantern Festival, which involves finding and activating hidden switches to unlock the puzzle. Finally, the third quest involves completing all the other Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 Quests.

Players who successfully complete all three Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 quests will be rewarded with the exclusive weapon wrap. But that’s not all, The event also features some exciting Fortnite Creative maps that players can explore once they’ve earned the reward.


About All Three Quest In Lantern Fest Quest Category:-

Completing these Lantern Fest Quests might seem like a daunting task, but there are some tips that can help players breeze through them. One such tip is to complete three quests simultaneously. For example, players can complete the challenges at Lanternfest Tour while also completing the Lied Puzzle and the other Lantern Fest Quests. This will help players save time and earn rewards more efficiently.

Players can also complete the Cozy Court challenges to earn XP and other rewards. The Cozy Court has three challenges to complete: the Double-Blinder Challenge, the Thirtieth Challenge, and the Tinith Challenge. These challenges involve completing tasks like finding hidden objects, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies.

Another way to earn rewards during the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 event is by delivering pizza to a specific tent. Players must first enter the purple screen to order the pizza, and then deliver it to the tent located in the circular water pool at the center of the island.

Players can also score a football goal to earn rewards. To do this, players must head up the stairs to the football pitch and aim towards the net to score a goal.

How To Complete The Iftar Table Fortnite Quest?

One of the most interesting quests in the Lantern Fest Quest is putting fruits on the Iftar table Fortnite. To complete this quest, players must find the Iftar table across from Parkour Paradise and search for pink balloons with coconuts attached to them. Once they’ve collected the coconuts, they must interact with the proper metal tray to add them to the Iftar table Fortnite.

Iftar Table Fortnite

Players must complete this quest three times to earn the reward. This quest not only adds to the excitement of the event but also teaches players about the importance of Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 event is an exciting adventure that takes players to a magical island filled with quests and rewards. Completing the quests can be challenging, but with the right strategies, players can earn rewards efficiently. The event also teaches players about the importance of Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan, making it a unique and meaningful experience for players.

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