BGMI New Update April 2023 – Is BGMI Coming in April 2023?

BGMI New Update April 2023: BGMI fans in India have had the worst time in the recent years and they are unable to play the battle royale game. Here’s all about the latest BGMI updates, BGMI Unban, and BGMI 2.0 release date in India.

Once again many rumors are coming out that BGMI is getting unbanned in April 2023 and the makers Krafton will release BGMI 2.0 soon for Android and iOS. This might excite some fans for now.

BGMI 2.0 is the most awaited game among all fans and already PUBG and PUBG Mobile are also not available for India. The game returning news will be a great delight for all of us too. Here’s all about BGMI New update for April 2023. .BGMI new update

BGMI New Update April 2023 – Is BGMI Coming in April 2023?

Is BGMI coming in April 2023 once again? Will BGMI 2.0 come to Google play Store and App Store is what the question among all fans of BGMI and PUBG in India.

There are some rumors that BGMI might actually get an unexpected unban but it’s not in April 2023 that’s for sure as April 2023 is just a couple of days away and Krafton are not launching BGMI or BGMI 2.0 in April 2023. .BGMI new update

However fans of BGMI have to wait and watch whether BGMI gets unbanned and BGMI or BGMI 2.0 gets released in may 2023. Even BGMI and BGMI 2.0 release in may 2023 looks impossible as of now too.

When Will BGMI Release Again in India? 

New BGMI update may arrive anytime, but BGMI is not releasing in April 2023 that’s a sure news. Let’s wait for more BGMI updates and leaks from the makers.

Fans are all just hoping that BGMI will somehow release in 2023 and the makers want the same too. As Krafton is trying their very best to unleash BGMI sooner than expected. Let’s all hope that BGMI will come sooner than expected.

If there’s any new BGMI updates, we will surely update them at our Gaming Acharya handle too. Also a new BGMI exclusive update can also be expected before May 2023 too.


That’s about BGMI New update for April 2023. As all about BGMI New update April 2023 is shared here. Is BGMI coming in April 2023, the answer is no as of now.

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