Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo Event Guide 2023

The most popular event right now is Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo, but a few months ago, MOONTON Games introduced us to the Mobile Legends x Transformers event, which received a positive response as well, and our most-awaited Transformers event is returning. It will be available on the original server on March 22, 2023, but first, we will go over some essential details about it and how you can obtain an exclusive skin from this event. Without further ado, let’s get right into the skin portion. 

Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo Event Guide 2023

Mobile Legends Transformers Event Guide 

Players can usually collect the skins of six different heroes during this Mobile Legends x Transformers event:

  • Optimus Prime is typically used as a tank or starter by Johnson.
  • Bumblebee from X.Borg is typically used as a combatant or jungler.
  • Grimlock is typically used as a combatant or jungler by Roger.
  • Megatron is typically used as a marksman or jungler by Granger.
  • Soundwave and Ravage from Popol and Kupa are commonly used as marksman or junglers.
  • Starscream is typically used as a combatant or jungler.

Each skin has its own unique effect and stunning animation, so you will not be disappointed if you spend money on any of this.

Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo

The Transformers event has returned, but only for a limited period. Players can now only view it through the advanced server. They must bear in mind that in order to obtain the skin, players must use the Bingo event format, which will not provide the desired skin. But don’t worry; it has been verified that Roger’s Grimlock skin is guaranteed after 10 draws. If you have that skin already, it will be replaced by a random epic or superior skin. From March 25 to March 27, players can also register for the premium supply.

This is an occasion worth investing in. If you intend to buy starlight next month, finish your recharge on March 25-27 to buy diamonds. This gives you a complimentary draw. So you can get a starlight membership and side-by-side Roger’s Grimlock for 300 diamonds. (or an epic skin). And the first ten draws have a high possibility of yielding four normal skins and an epic or transformer skin.

Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo Event Guide 2023

Mobile Legends Transformers Bingo Pattern

If you want to get all those skins, you’ll need real-time money and luck, but MOONTON Games will award players after 5, 15, 25, 35, 50, 60, 100, and 120 draws, respectively. And, to be honest, 50-120 pulls are well worth the investment. Looking at the reward pool, we can see that it includes an 11.11 Xborg skin, some awesome Collector skins, two light-born skins, and numerous epic and special skins. You can try your chances for that if you don’t get a Transformer skin after bingo, but this skin will cover your investment.

Now comes the final portion; it only has one phase; once it’s gone, you can’t buy the skin from the shop. Spend your money carefully and show off your best skin from the event. Remember to gather bonus tokens. Try your chance in the first ten draws, which will be 50% off. After the 60th draw, you’ll receive a Transformer access code, which will give you a Transformer skin from this Gacha event. Make careful use of it because it will be removed from the inventory once the event has ended.

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