Trial of Style WoW 2023 Event Guide – Tips and Tricks

Trial of Style WoW 2023 has begun and it will also be held for 4 days too. The new Transmog event in WoW Dragonflight has begun and here’s all about the Trial of Style WoW 2023 event guide at your GA end.

This Transmog event 2023 in WoW is all about finding Transmog contestants at the transmog neighborhood NPC. You will also get new rewards for completing this amazing Trial of Style WoW 2023 event too.

You can play with 6 players and also design and create amazing Transmog sets too. At a time two players can showcase their skills on the stage for this new WoW trial of Style 2023 event too.

Trial of Style WoW 2023 Event Guide – Tips and Tricks

The new WoW Trial of Style event for 2023 has begun and this Transmog event has also certain objectives too. Here’s what you need to do in this Trial of Style event in WoW 2023 too,

Just Queue for the 6-player scenario at your friendly neighborhood transmog NPC between March 20 – 24 in 2023. Then you can play with 6 friends.

Two have to design transmog sets from the items in their collection based on themes presented in the scenario too. At a time two players will perform on the stage for this trial of Style event and the remaining 4 can also vote for the best players too by on just who of the two has managed to capture the theme best too.

All these objectives for the trial of Style WoW 2023 event are according to the developers blizzard entertainment too.

Trial of Style WoW
Die Wunder Der Welt WoW

Here are all the rewards for those successful winners of this new amazing trial of style WoW Transmog event 2023 too,



  • Anetheron’s Edge
  • Deathmantle Ripper


  • Anointed Crusader’s Claymore
  • Jade Arcus
  • Zealot’s Prayer Staff
  • Ranged
  • Focalized Mana Accelerator


  • Alley Skulker’s Bandana
  • Crimson Beanie
  • Green Beanie
  • Stevedore’s Skullcap
  • Dread Captain’s Chapeau
  • Trader’s Bicorne
  • Well-Worn Tricorne



  • Girdle of Chilled Embers
  • Waistguard of the Infernal Eye
  • Ymirjar Berserker’s Girdle



  • Ultramafic Girdle
  • Boots
  • Boots of a Broken World
  • Vault Stalker’s Greaves



  • Clasp of Ursine Rage
  • Boots
  • Mad Thief’s Boots
  • Scoundrel’s Missing Boots



  • Arcanofire Wrap
  • Embrace of the Great Dark Beyond


  • Lost Acolyte’s Boots

That’s a wrap for the trial of Style WoW 2023 event guide from our GA end. Stay tuned to GA for more WoW exclusive leaks and updates here. Take part in the trial of Style event and win the rewards too.

Trial of Style WoW

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