How to Purchase Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin for Free? #1 

Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin: Fortnite has been surprising their fans and gamers in the new mega season. Fortnite x Resident Evil collab has unvaulted the new Claire Redfield skin in the game. Here’s how to equip the new Fortnite Claire Redfield skin.

Along with Claire Redfield, many new Fortnite skins are also available in this new Resident Evil collab too. You can purchase them as a single bundle or also as an individual too.

The new Gaming Legends Series outfit in Fortnite has been out. This is the exclusive release that will also include the skins, outfits, and cosmetics of the Resident Evil franchise in the Fortnite game too.

How to Purchase Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin for Free? #1 

Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin

Fortnite x Resident Evil collab is finally on the game too. Here are all the items, skins, and cosmetics from the Raccoon City Survivors Bundle in the game,

Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin

Raccoon City Survivors Item Bundle – 2,100 V-bucks

  • Leon S. Kennedy
  • Attachè Case Back Bling
  • Claire Redfield Outfit
  • R.P.D Keys Back Bling
  • Leon’s Combat Knife
  • Umbrella Parasol

All these items will be available if you get the Raccoon City Survivors Item Bundle from the Fortnite item shop right now. This will also get you the Claire Redfield skin automatically too. Else you can also get the Claire Redfield skin separately for around 1,500 V-bucks too.

But for spending 1,500 on a single Fortnite skin, you can all easily purchase the entire item bundle too. And the raccoon city survivors Fortnite item bundle is already available at a discount price of 1,900 too here right on the Fortnite itemshop too.


That’s all about the Fortnite Claire Redfield skin from our GA end. All best steps to get the Fortnite Claire Redfield Fortnite skin for free are also shared at our GA end too.

Purchase the Claire Redfield Fortnite Skin, outfit, and also the other cosmetics of Resident Evil too game too. Stay tuned for more exclusive leaks and updates too. Keep watching our handle for more Esports and video games news too.

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Fortnite has always been the numero uno when it comes to battle royale game always. And with Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Epic Games has achieved so much, and it’s obviously a known fact that Fortnite is at the pinnacle of its gaming career right now.

Ever since 2017, Epic Games has never failed with Fortnite, even with several Fortnite allegations and cases, they never looked back too. And there have also beens several Fortnite bans and news, but none of them have been true too.

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