Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest allows you to duplicate logs forever by demolishing a log house that hasn’t actually been constructed yet. In spite of the fact that it’s somewhat precarious, whenever it’s set up, Sons of the Forest players can deliver an unending stock of logs to develop various structures. We expect that it will be rectified as soon as possible. Despite the fact that there are a number of ways to duplicate records, we have used this one and can confirm that it is effective.

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest wood duplication problem is explained in detail here, along with some fast and effective methods for halting deforestation. This Sons of the Forest object duplication bug may not have been around for very long, but if you’re looking for a quick method to acquire goods, it’s perfect for you. 

This cunning little trick may make your life a whole lot simpler and ensure that you receive some delectable additional items in the course of Log Duplication Glitch 2.0, even though you may be struggling to collect everything you need as you embark on your new journey and attempt to escape cannibals.

How to use Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest

To make use of this flaw or feature, you’ll need to construct a refuge where you can save the game. You’ll want to frequently jump out and back in, which is why. Find the tarp that should be surrounding the accident location. Place it where you believe that it should be after that. Then, with the notebook, send Kelvin to get the sticks. When he returns with some, aim for the tarp’s corner so you can hold it. 

You can either go to sleep or save your game after one or two zones are operational. From the shipment crates, you want to take everything for yourself. After that, save your game at a refuge. To finish the game, go back to the primary screen. Go ahead and launch the stored file. The crates will once again be secured and accessible for looting after you have loaded in. Therefore, you can continue this procedure to stock up on some necessities.

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest

With upgrade 01, the game’s first major upgrade, Endnight Games appears to have resolved the Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest record duplicate issue. There could be an answer for this issue or a method for reproducing holder parts. In any case, you can always rely on flaws like this one, which might waste game resources, to be fixed right away. If none of the suggestions in our piece seem to be working, try the others; if that doesn’t seem to help, the problem is probably fixed for good.

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of the Forest dynamics engine

Despite the apparent advantages of this bug, we really can’t emphasize prudence enough in regards to the logs falling on you and your peers. The physics system in Sons of the Forest causes loose objects to move around a lot, and any animals that are struck by or fall onto a log suffer damage.

Players typically glance up when they activate the log duplication glitch 2.0, staring at the crucial trigger point on the side of the vacant house frame, which causes the logs to spawn above you and fall on your face. Even if they don’t do that, they’ll undoubtedly roll around and collapse to the ground on top of a mound of fresh logs, hitting your legs and hurting them.

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