How To Claim FTC Fortnite Refund: A Step-by-Step Guide!

How To Claim FTC Fortnite Refund: The Federal Trade Commission may be able to provide a refund to Fortnite users who have been negatively impacted by Epic Games’ billing and return policies (FTC). We will outline a step-by-step process for How To Claim FTC Fortnite refund in this article.

How To Claim FTC Fortnite Refund

FTC Fortnite Refunds Eligibility :-

The FTC has spelled out exactly what is required to qualify for a refund. Three types of players/parents will be the only ones eligible for refunds. Which are:

  • Parents whose kids made unlawful purchases with credit cards on the Epic Games Store during January 2017 – November 2018.
  • Between January 2017 until September 2022, players who purchased undesirable in-game products were taxed V-Bucks.
  • Accounts of gamers whose accounts were locked from January 2017 to September 2022 as the result of disputing fraudulent charges with their credit card companies.
  • Only participants located in the United States of America are qualified for these reimbursements. All Fortnite players will not be eligible for such a refund.

How To Claim FTC Fortnite Refund

How To Apply For FTC Fortnite Refund?

There isn’t a process in place to ask for FTC Fortnite refund right now. Gamers who believe they are eligible for a refund should be patient or hold off until more details are revealed. For updates, players should check the FTC website or sign up for email updates about the refund programme.

What Will I Need To Do To Get A Refund?

You do not need to take necessary steps at this time if you believe your are entitled to a FTC Fortnite refund. when more details regarding the reimbursement scheme become available. The FTC will update its website with new information and notify customers who paid for in-game purchases through email. Remember that FTC never assesses fees for filing claims or getting refunds. Never provide money to anyone who requests it in return for a promise of the an FTC Fortnite refund.

How To Claim FTC Fortnite Refund

When Are Products Eligible For A Refund?

If a game or product is designated as refundable or self-refundable, it may be returned within 14 days of purchase. Nonetheless, your recorded runtime must be under two hours. FTC Fortnite Refund are not permitted for anything labelled non-refundable, items that contain virtual money, consumables, or games.

Any games or items from which you have been expelled or for which you have received a warning will not be eligible for refunds. If Epic suspects you of abusing the return policy, you can also lose your eligibility for FTC Fortnite Refund.

How Can You Request A Refund?

You can refund an item you purchased online on your own for purchases with the “self-refundable” label. Log in to your account on the Epic Games website, select Account from the dropdown menu at the top right of the store, then select Transactions from the tab menu.

Please click the “Refund” button to begin the refund procedure if the game qualifies for a self-service return. You can file a refund request by clicking “Contact Us” on the help page for the Epic Games Store and Launcher for purchases that have been marked “refundable” or if you have any questions about the FTC Fortnite refund procedure.


The FTC will continue to provide updates, so be patient and watch this space if you’re a Fortnite player who thinks you qualify for a refund. Be updated by regularly visiting the FTC website or subscribing to email updates. Follow the guidelines carefully to claim the return after the FTC Fortnite refund programme is launched.


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