OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire Leaks & Updates

A recent flurry of online leaks that hinted at specific content that was anticipated to be added to the game in the OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire edition preceded the debut of the OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire server. These breaches can be attributed to a number of data miners, including VipClown, Macbruff_ff, and others.

If these are accurate, the forthcoming OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire upgrade will improve the game by adding a new character, a different character system, a special massive event, a new Trend+ system, and more.

OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire Leaks & Updates

OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire

Every two months, a new edition of the game is released by the creators, with updated in-game material to improve gameplay. The game’s current iteration will shortly come to an end, and players are already eagerly anticipating the Advance Server of the upcoming Update. The Advance Server runs from March 10 through March 16, 2023. Given these dates, we can anticipate the release of the OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire Update sometime in the final week of March.

Although the Advance Server has not yet arrived, rumors have already begun to surface. One of the well-known data miners, Pureleaks OFC, published an article in which he revealed the forthcoming goods that would be added to the game. A new character named Orion, the Evo M1014 gun, and the patch update for the version likely to be dubbed Ramadan Patch Update are all depicted in the image.

Ramadan Blessing event 

According to the most recent round of rumors, the eagerly awaited OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire upgrade will bring a huge event dubbed Ramadan Blessing 2023. Since it would be the focus of the fix, a wide range of both free and premium enhancements will be available for players to enjoy.

Additionally, VIP Clown revealed the Free Fire Pet Smash mode’s first glimpse. However, the data collector did not outline the game’s regulations or how it would be played. In the upcoming days, more specifics are anticipated.

Happy Decoy Trend+ Brand

At its heart, Trend+ is a system that gathers a variety of original ensembles and collections based on a specific subject. A sixth beautiful name may soon be added to the game’s lineup of five already. It is anticipated to go by the name Happy Decoy and could appear alongside the Free Fire OB39 upgrade.

OB39 Ramadan Event Free Fire Leaks & Updates

In order to offer more variation, the creators of Free Fire frequently issue the highly sought-after Evo gun skins. An upcoming skin dubbed Scorpion Shard is expected to be included in the game’s upcoming release, according to a recent tweet by Macbruh_ff.

Character changes

One of the most well-known data miners in the community, VIP Clown, gave helpful insights into potential character system adjustments that could result from the Free Fire OB39 upgrade. The guidelines for character unlocking, including the Link System, may be eliminated, and players will now have to pay Gold or Diamonds to obtain characters, according to the article. There wouldn’t be different tiers for characters and creatures either. A character or pet’s abilities will be at the highest degree once they have been unlocked.

Ability reworks and new character

The Free Fire OB39 update is anticipated to make adjustments to a number of character skills, particularly those of Xayne, Dasha, Wolfrahh, Otho, and Ford. While the leaker is aware of the impacted skills, the precise details won’t be known until the update is made public. Orion, a brand-new character, might also appear in the game. He is a mercenary who gains strength after a biological transformation, according to the reports.

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