Where to find Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2

Three new forgotten sectors, including one named Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2, can be found in the new site of Neomuna in Gilded Precept Destiny 2’s Lightfall update. There are Shadow Legion Cabal waiting to show their mettle in the arena of battle at the entryway to this lost section, which is located right outside Callus’ flagship.

Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2

Where to find Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2

The following modifiers will be in effect if you decide to tackle the Legend challenge variant of this lost region (1830 power level is advised) in order to obtain an Exotic:

  • Locked Tools, Additional Shields
  • Unstoppable and barrier winners
  • Risk: Arc
  • Shields: Void and Solar
  • Scorched Earth mods (Enemies throw grenades more often)

Here’s a breakdown of where this lost section is and what you can discover inside of it in case you’re ready to gate-crash these holy grounds and accept a difficult encounter with a small force of trigger-happy Cabal. You can read our tutorials on the Thrilla Dome lost sector and the Hydroponics Delta lost sector for more information about Lightfall.

Where to find Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2

When you arrive at the Callus flagship in Ahimsa Park on Neomuna, turn right and search for a tiny granite formation. Go to the geographical component and look down at the minuscule edge with the red compartment. You’ll see the Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2 token painted on the rocks. There are more stages on the leader that you can remain on assuming you bounce down. There will also be a tiny aperture that you can penetrate.

This missing region is rather simple now that you’re inside the flagship. The passageways are teeming with Cabal and provide little protection, so make sure you have adequate resistance for this region, which has a suggested power level of 1770. In this failed to remember region, you might hope to experience Shadow Army Secrecy Legionaries, Butchers, Phalanx troops, and War Monsters.

Where to find Gilded Precept Lost Sector Destiny 2

Work your way past the Shadow Legion soldiers, and once in the second area, keep a look out for two glowing Cabal troopers. Each of these troops carries a Bloom sphere that you must collect. Embed the Sprout circles into the entryways at the furthest finish of the room. Now that you are inside, prepare to face the Centurion ahead until he’s squashed by an even greater foe, Valus Tharum, the Overseer.

Complete Lost Sector Gilded Precept Destiny 2

You will battle the Cabal in Gilded Precept Destiny 2 similarly to Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector, thus we highly advise you to choose either a machine gun or a rocket launcher as your Power weapon. Additionally, the climactic battle would be simplified if an SMG and a grenade launcher similar to the Witherhoard were equipped. You will encounter an Honored Centurion in the first chamber along with several Legionary, Phalanx, and Psions. 

When you reach the opposite end of the chamber after defeating them all, a door will appear and automatically open. To access the second area, leap along a lengthy tunnel on the left. In order to go to the next chamber, you must here figure out a small puzzle. Honored Centurions and sharpshooter Pistons are waiting for you on top of the two platforms that are on each side of the second chamber. The Honored Centurion will drop a Carry Bloom after being vanquished. 

It must be picked up and then put into the lock at the opposite end of the room. To open the door, repeat these steps with the other Honored Centurion. You will notice a locked door that will open as you approach it after passing through the entrance, turning to the right, and going below. You can now face the boss after entering and dealing with a second Honored Centurion.

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