Fortnite Holo Chest Location 2023

Fortnite Holo Chest Location Chapter 4 Season 2 has authoritatively come after much pausing. The newest region in the game and all of its brand-new POIs are attracting a ton of players. Loopers are living it up in dazzling Japanese-enlivened areas like the Super City focal point and Kenjutsu Crossing thanks to Epic Games’ Asian-propelled season setting.

Additionally, players have access to a sizable collection of brand-new weaponry that they can use to battle their way to victory in the Battle Royale encounter. The most popular way to acquire these weapons is through treasure boxes, though there are other ways as well. These ubiquitous containers, however, only offer firearms of Uncommon or Rare worth. Many players use Holo Chests, which need keys to open, to obtain Epic or Legendary rarity goods fast.

Fortnite Holo Chest

Fortnite Holo Chest 2023

It’s also important to note that Heisted Exotics, which can be discovered in these boxes and have been hidden all over Fortnite island, are making a comeback this season. Below is a list of every location you can find one of these Holo objects. Fortnite Holo Chest first introduced holo chests in Chapter 4 Season 1, which players could open by locating concealed keys on the landscape. These receptacles have the unique characteristic of showing a hologram of the firearm or object they hold.

The keys that players have gathered can then be used to open a specific Holo Chest. When the container is unsealed, the holographic object is immediately available. Fortnite Holo Chest’s most recent Chapter 4 Season 2 has 42 Holo Chests altogether, a significant rise from the game’s first season. All of their sites can be found in the picture below.

Fortnite Holo Chest Locations 2023

The new Mega City habitat has the greatest number of Fortnite Holo Chests of any biome, as you can see from the image above. However, the most recent biome has significantly outperformed that number, having an amazing 13 Fortntie Holo Chests. On the map, the keys required to access them can be discovered in different locations or loot boxes. Use the Keymaster Augment to obtain two keys simultaneously if you’re having difficulty finding the keys. CRZ-8 on Fortnite island also sells keys for 100 gold bars each.

This object is a future image of the 8 Ball vs. Scratch from Chapter 2 Season 1 and it is situated in the center of a fighting circle north of Mega City. Additionally, by taking on this NPC, players can receive a complimentary Kinetic Blade and a standard Tactical Pistol.

Fortnite Holo Chest

On the island, finding keys is not a laborious task, but finding a decent Holo Chest that contains a Heisted Exotic is much more challenging. While on the Fortnite grid, players would be smart to stop by Gas Stations as they have a 100% chance of spawning Holo Chests. A receptacle on the one between Mega City and Anvil Square can be unlocked with two keys to reveal a Heisted Exotic. During the Most Wanted event for Chapter 4 Season 1, this was a common firearm among participants. 

FAQ Regarding Fortnite Holo Chest

Q. Is there a Fortnite hidden chest?

The Chapter 2 grid has a few secret boxes, but they are tucked away in locations where few players will ever investigate. The hidden crates in Fortnite can be discovered in the sand, under floorboards, and even in the water. Here are six of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s best-kept secrets. 

Q. What is kept in the Fortnite trove of treasure?

An unpredictable assortment of firearms, ammunition, health items, and world resources like timber, stone, or metal can be found inside chests that players can access. Four chests will be placed on your island when you choose this exhibit; you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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