Hard in the Paint Destiny 2: 1st Winner of Root of Nightmares

The Root of Nightmares encounter, which was recently launched in Destiny 2: Lightfall, has a World First victor. The first fireteam to finish the assault in the 48-hour challenge mode was Hard in the Paint Destiny 2.

Every new mission published in Destiny 2 unites the community as thousands of fire teams compete to become the first in the world. Team Hard in the Paint won the championship today. They will all be awarded World First championship rings and will always be able to claim victory in the Root of Nightmares assault as World First.

Hard in the Paint Destiny 2: 1st Winner of Root of Nightmares

Hard in the Paint Destiny 2: 1st Winner of Root of Nightmares

Sam Chandler, our resident Destiny 2 expert here at Shacknews, leads our own fireteam’s effort at this accomplishment with each new raid. For a few years now, Sam and his crew have been defending us in every new raid. You can watch their progress on our Twitch account. You can also try it on your own by using our Root of Nightmares raid guide, which contains YouTube embeds of our team completing each fight.

Just a warning that anyone who completes the Root of Nightmares assault by March 20, 2023 at 8:59 am will be considered a Guardian. PST will be able to buy the Root of Nightmares assault jacket from the Bungie Store. Only 2.5 hours after its debut, the new Destiny 2 Lightfall encounter, Root of Nightmares, was successfully completed. 

Although Bungie still needs to validate the findings as of this writing, it has acknowledged(opens in new tab) reports of the first accomplishment on Twitter. Twitch clips, however, are reliable; as many players have noted, a fireteam headed by RoenXD from the band Hard In The Paint appeared to be the first to defeat the ultimate boss. We have a victor because there didn’t seem to be any wrongdoing. Update: Bungie has officially announced it (opens in a new browser). 

Hard in the Paint Destiny 2: 1st Winner of Root of Nightmares

If these rumors are true, Root of Nightmares had one of the quickest raid sprints in Destiny 2. For comparison, Destiny encounter Report claims that the Vow of the Disciple encounter from the previous update, The Witch Queen, took just over seven hours.(opens in new tab). It took roughly five and a half hours to complete Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt, and just over six hours to complete Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation. 

How Hard in the Paint Destiny 2 won under 3 Hours

The 18-hour sprint for the Forsaken’s Last Wish assault, of course, is unmatched by anything else. The Eater of Worlds raid lair and Scourge of the Past, which took teams about an hour and a half to clear, are more challenging raid lairs than the Root of Nightmares, which takes two hours and change. 

Why did this assault sprint end so quickly? It has something to do with how interactions are created, in part. For instance, the real fighting was relatively easy compared to the notoriously difficult puzzles in the Last Wish race. That kind of obstacle doesn’t seem to exist for Root of Nightmares.

Equally crucially, attackers are becoming more adept at deciphering Bungie’s design philosophy, and on top of that, Guardians have become considerably more powerful since the previous raid. We are stronger than ever thanks to the 3.0 categories, Strand, and new Exotics, so even the most difficult enemies will be defeated with less difficulty. A day-one raid success is still a significant accomplishment, so congrats to all those engaged.

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