Twice Roblox Event Details 2023

The K-pop girl group Twice Roblox Event will debut their very own simulated universe on the online gaming site Twice Roblox Event. The new virtual space, known as Twice Roblox Event Square, was heavily influenced by the girl group’s 2018 song “Yes Or Yes” music video. Here, fans can participate in two mini-games: a timed trivia challenge and an escape chamber dubbed “Set Me Free,” which is also the name of the band’s forthcoming song.

Fans will be able to exchange, acquire, and purchase items in the virtual world that are influenced by the girl group’s fashion. These include digital apparel and accessories, plush toys, and emotes based on Twice Roblox Event’s numerous well-known routines.

Twice Roblox Event Details 2023

Twice Roblox Event is being referred to as the first-ever “persistent fan hub” on the platform and was developed by metaverse company Karta, which also built worlds on Roblox for McDonald’s and Sunsilk.

Twice Roblox Event 

As per Karibi Dagogo-Jack, Head of Music Organizations at Roblox, “Twice Roblox Event are a characteristic fit given the gathering’s energetic fan base and their obligation to development,” she told Bulletin. Roblox is thrilled to encourage this behavior in our community and to make it possible for complete expression, fan relationships, and absorption in Twice Roblox Event.

Throughout the year, the girl group will share new material for TWICE Square, along with virtual visits from the individual members, he added. They want their admirers to use the area as a gathering and a resource for all things TWICE, he continued. 

While this is going on, Glenn Mendlinger, the head of TWICE’s label partner Imperial Music, told Billboard that he hoped to build more Roblox virtual environments for the label’s other artists, which included prominent JYP Entertainment acts like Stray Kids and ITZY.

Prior to the girl group’s forthcoming mini-album “Ready To Be,” which is released tomorrow, TWICE World is now available. (March 9). The English song “Moonlight Sunrise,” which was previously published, and the forthcoming single “Set Me Free” will both be featured on the album.

Twice Roblox Event Details 2023

More about Twice Roblox Event

Twice fans in South Korea now have a new digital hangout in Roblox. To commemorate the release of their new EP Ready to Be on Friday, the band has worked with the worldwide gaming platform to develop “Twice Square.”

The design heavily borrows elements from the group’s “Yes or Yes” music video, including the popcorn machine, and recreates whole sets from the clip. Plush toys and digital apparel and accouterments with a Twice theme are available for fans to purchase. I bought a Twice light stick, a purple headdress, and a white and pink sweatsuit for myself. Also accessible are emojis based on the group’s dance routines.

Twice Square will feature performances by the band members themselves, according to Billboard(Opens in a new tab), and the “Twice Pier” section of the plan is still under construction. (Its formal inauguration is scheduled for member Mina’s birthday, March 24.)

Twice Roblox Event, Updates & Leaks

In addition to writing and pinning notes for the Twice members, visitors can participate in a trivia challenge and play the escape room minigame “Set Me Free” that is titled after the group’s upcoming song. This morning, I gave the quiz game a shot and was surprised by how challenging it was. In a matter of seconds, your avatar must race its little butt between response circles of various colors. Even if you are aware of the solution, it may be challenging to reach the correct spot in time.

Twice Square is referred to by Roblox as its “first-ever persistent fan hub,”(Opens in a new browser), which simply indicates that the setting will endure for a long time.

The South Korean band NCT 127 and Twice Roblox Event previously worked together on a temporary world and performance. The gaming website also held a Spotify engagement dubbed “K-Park” with performers Sunmi and Stray Kids.

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