How to Download BGMI 2.5 APK Update Without VPN Easily?

BGMI 2.5 Update Download APK: how you can download BGMI 2.5 apk without VPN? Here’s how to download BGMI 2.5 apk without VPN easily from our GA guide here.

BGMI 2.5 apk app is not easy to download and you can only download the apk from websites and other apps or links too. And it’s completely at your risk too.

BGMI latest apk download without VPN is what the most expected question of all BGMI Indian gamers and fans too. Let’s see how to download BGMI 2.5 update version apk and also without VPN too.

BGMI 2.5

How to Download BGMI 2.5 APK Update Without VPN Easily? 

BGMI 2.5

 The process is very simple to install, download, and play BGMI 2.5 apk without VPN. To install and download BGMI 2.5 apk, go to these sites now,


As the third-party websites for BGMI apk update don’t ask for VPN, you can simply download BGMI 2. 5apk update version and play BGMI  2.5 patch update version without  any VPN.

You can check regularly on these websites to download BGMI 2.5 apk update version without VPN and that’s also the best option to download and install the latest 2.5 apk in BGMI right now too.

Those who have BGMI already will exclusive get access to the BGMI 2.5 apk and you can all get new features and skins too.


That’s a wrap about BGMI 2.5 apk download update leaks from GA end. Download and play BGMI 2.5 apk without VPN in India as all best tips and tricks to install and download the BGMI 2.5 apk app without VPN in India are also shared here too.

Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more BGMI updates and leaks. There are also no talks about the BGMI 2.0 app launch and as of now Indian fans and gamers are also struggling to play this mega massive battle royale game too.

Is PUBG Mobile Version Available In India? 

No, PUBG Mobile is not available to play in India. Hence players in India won’t be able to download and play PUBG 2.4 update without vpn. You can play New State Mobile PUBG as of now that’s the famous game in Indian regions.

And we are also not sure when PUBG Mobile is returning to India as of now. But other country people can easily download PUBG Mobile 2.4 apk without VPN right now with our tips and guide in GA.


Follow Gaming Acharya for more exclusive e-Sports and gaming news. Keep watching this space for more PUBG Mobile updates and features. PUBG Mobile 2.4 apk update is available from January 6th 2023, but the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.4 apk update will give you the access to all. Share your comments in the comment box below.

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