Icarus Tower Of Fantasy Character – Best Guide and Skills 

Icarus Tower of Fantasy Character: Tower of Fantasy and Hotta Studio have always come up with new Simulacrum characters, here’s all about the new Tower of Fantasy Icarus playable character at our GA guide.

Icarus is as of now a China exclusive character in the Tower of Fantasy game. Soon Tower of Fantasy Icarus global playable SSR character will also come too. Hykros is also the home town for this SSR Icarus in the game.

Icarus is a Powerful SSR Simulacrum and he will also be using the usual Fragmented Feathers weapon in the Tower of Fantasy game right now. Here are all the stats and skills for Icarus in the game.

Icarus Tower of Fantasy

Icarus Tower Of Fantasy Character – Best Guide and Skills 

Icarus will be a powerful attacking tank in Tower of Fantasy with massive DPS tank. Here’s also be an extraordinary critical damage dealer too. Icarus from the ice element has some special effects and skills for his weapons too.

Ice Shell weapon effect will free your enemies for a couple of time too. And you can also deal massive additional damage to 150% too in the game.  So with this skill Icarus in Tower of Fantasy will become a beast too. You can use once it’s unleashed by the team of Hotta Studio too.

Icarus Tower of Fantasy

Frost Resonance is another best weapon effects for Icarus in the Tower of Fantasy game and this will also easily increase his frost atk and frost resistance by 20% and 40% too.

Also finally the Elemental mastery for Icarus in Tower of Fantasy will increase your final damage powers too but only in the background too.

Normal, Skill, Discharge, and Dodge are all the basic primary skills for Tower of Fantasy Icarus right now in the game too.

There are also some recollection rewards for Icarus in the Tower of Fantasy game too. Here are they too,

  • Avatar: Icarus for 200 Awakening Points
  • Log for 600, 2000, and 3000 Awakening Points too.
  • Trait effects for 1,200 and 4,000 Awakening Points too.


That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy Icarus guide and skills in our Gaming Acharya guide. As all about the best tips and tricks to play the Icarus SSR character in Tower of Fantasy are also shared here. The game style, playstyle of Icarus in Tower of Fantasy is also shared here too.

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Is Tower Of Fantasy Good Game in 2023?

Yes, Tower Of Fantasy is an extraordinary anime action game where you as a wanderer will keep exploring the locations to find and complete new quests too. Play Tower of Fantasy for a complete new anime experience and this RPG also allows you to gain more experience and rewards too.


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