Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Update Patch Notes

On PS5, PC, and Xbox, the Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Update is currently going out. The most recent upgrade, Hogwarts Legacy 1.05, reportedly tackles stability issues as well as general gameplay speed. In addition, the Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Update adds improvements to internet connectivity, mainly for the PS5.

Unfortunately, players are still encountering numerous glitches and problems from the 1.04 big upgrade. A recent day-one version with minimal changes was also made available. The Hogwarts Legacy version 1.005 is anticipated to include more alterations and improvements. Check out more information on Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Update.

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes

  • Boost network registration and monitoring for user accounts.
  • DLC-related problems in the stop and equip menus have been fixed.
  • Fixed DLC flying horse inventory problem where it might have vanished mid-mission. 

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes: Missions

  • Unlocking the cage in the outlaw base before the quest began fixed the blocker problem.
  • Fixed Madam Kogawa’s desk being absent during a particular discussion and making it impossible to finish a task during that conversation.
  • By leaping or opening the tool wheel, the avatar was able to get out from between the container and the fire.
  • A duplication accident by one of the shop entries was fixed.
  • Waypoints in Hogsmeade that were in the skies rather than on the ground were fixed.
  • After a delay, the target maker was fixed to be correctly over Fig.
  • Repaired missing departure prompts on a few Hogwarts entrances.
  • Fixed mission advancement is not impacted by accessing butterfly boxes other than the ones required for a given task.
  • The assignment was fixed so that insects no longer appeared in the designated location.
  • erroneous merge task development was fixed.
  • corrected consistency problems in the classroom of the potion.
  • When concentrating the telescope in astronomy class on modest levels, fixed stars are visible.
  • Astronomy mini-games fixed problems with star luminosity and pop.
  • Fixed a bug where shields weren’t showing up properly during Crossing Wands tasks.

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes: Broom flight

  • Player no longer gets stuck while standing on a brush or turning a figure.
  • Fixed the Viaduct bridge not resting issue.
  • When the character rides the broom after teleporting into a public space, the mesh no longer breaks.
  • When attaching any broom, fixed shuttering and strobe.
  • Global Events
  • While the character is obstructing them, fixed wagon wagons are colliding with one another.
  • One-Man Band’s sporadic restart replication in Hogsmeade has been fixed.

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes: VFX

  • Broom speed limits that are fixed.
  • The incorrect showing of enemy shields during Cross Wands tasks has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where opponent defenses would vanish after taking several hits.
  • Constellation view is fixed at the astronomical table.
  • Fixed Lightning VFX strike from the Dark Wizard Extortionist AOE staying on screen.

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes: UI

  • Revisions to the translation lines
  • During gaming, fixed female avatar features look to be distinct from the construction preview. 
  • The HL-543 noted problem is fixed.
  • Fixed shift between the UI buy area and the compelled merchant interaction.
  • corrected chart showing erroneous route to map room.
  • When the adversary is struck by metamorphosis and an ancient magic throw, fixed damage is displayed. resolves the HL-4810 documented problem.
  • Boost Room of Requirement monitoring. 

Hogwarts Legacy 1.000.005 Fixes: Save Game

  • After the problem was rectified, it was fixed so that talking to vendors was not possible during consecutive saves.
  • resolves the HL-412, HL-494, HL-590, and HL-5260 documented problems.
  • After obtaining the “Dung Bomb” field guide and loading a hand save, streaming in and out was fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in an endless loading screen when the title was turned off and an auto-save was loaded during the closing titles.
  • Fixed avatar save problem with speech pitch option.
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