How to complete Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite 2023

With Part 4 Season 1, Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite reaching a conclusion in only a couple of days, Fortnite is concluding the season with the consummation of the Oathbound questline. The first of its closing expressions sends players to Lonely Labs Fortnite to gather reports for Fracture Superintendent Stellan, however each is concealed in dark spots inside the POI. In Fortnite Section 4 Season 1, here’s where to search for records at Lonely Labs Fortnite.

How to complete Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite 2023

How to complete Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite

If you haven’t already visited the snowy area, Lonely Labs Fortnite is a group of tiny, orange study structures located in the top-right portion of the map. When there, you should gather every one of the three of Fracture Superintendent Stella’s papers to complete this piece of the Oathbound questline. All paper locations are noted and described below.

  • Paper #1: The main paper can be tracked down in the construction on the west side of Lonely Labs Fortnite, before a blue container in the upper left corner of the lab.
  • Paper #2: The second paper is located on the left side of the location’s largest structure, next to a billiard table.
  • Paper #3: Start at the last paper and make your way east to the other side of the structure. The final paper is located to the left of the building’s entryway.

Apart from the Oathbound questline, players can still finish the Cipher event tasks. These include a set of challenges that are only recorded in a sequence of numbers, and participants must decode them using a special algorithm. However, one other questline challenge even includes posters that appear to suggest a new Chapter 4 Season 2 locale.

More about Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite

Despite little information from Epic Games, a slew of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 reports and speculations have surfaced in recent days. Dataminers previously claimed that the season would include Battle Pass costumes and map areas influenced by Japanese culture. Numerous Japanese-themed teases for the content release have now been discovered, lending credence to this purported leak.

How to complete Search papers at Lonely Labs Fortnite 2023

On Monday, Fortnite players were greeted with a surprising new Cipher questline challenge that required them to place recruitment banners throughout the battle royale island. After finishing it, challenge participants would see an image of an unidentified skyscraper with the phrase “Bustling Street” inscribed in Japanese. At the same time, the Twitter account Hashflagsio found new Fortnite Hashflags on the platform, “#FortniteMega” and “#GoToMega,” both of which are joined by a neon blue translation of “mega” in Japanese.

Mega is believed to be the actual name of Chapter 4 Season 2, according to dataminer HYPEX, and this reported hashflag definitely stresses its suspected Japanese-inspired alterations. Despite the fact that Fortnite’s true Twitter account presently can’t seem to utilize these hashflags, numerous players have detailed seeing another season secret on the Nintendo eShop that shows the Fight Transport against a setting with similar shades as the Mega Hashflags and in-game banners.

Other possible locations for Lonely Labs Fortnite

If these teasers are related to Chapter 4 Season 2, the “Bustling Street” poster could be a clue at one of the reported places that will be added to the game’s grid. ShiinaBR, a reputable leaker, stated last week that the long-retired Lucky Landing center of interest may reappear alongside a new “Neo-Tokyo” location.

It also appears that the season has much more in store for us than just landscape adjustments. Several well-known leakers in the game’s community hypothesized that the much-desired first-person mode might eventually make its appearance during the season. However, because Epic Games has not released any information about Chapter 4 Season 2, fans should consider these statements with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, those who want to see the posters in-game have until March 10 to do so before the Cipher missions and their prizes end. 

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