Revived Witch Review 2023

Revived Witch Review is a turn-based pretending game with gentle riddle parts. The fundamental idea of this RPG is straightforward, if a little cliched. One takes on the role of an amnesiac sorceress who must investigate an enigmatic castle in order to save the universe and recover her memories. She has a number of “dolls” who accompany her in combat to help her. The dolls have artificial bodies that are fueled by spirits from other dimensions. The doll system essentially describes how plot-relevant figures can join one’s group. 

Revived Witch Review 2023

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Revived Witch Review Gameplay

Revived Witch Review’s action isn’t too difficult to grasp. With responsive touchscreen movement and action cues, navigating the different levels is straightforward. During battle, two gradually recharging gauges symbolize the energy required to use abilities. Figures have their own set of abilities and characteristics to consider when teambuilding. Dolls are classified as Destruction, Healer, Assassin, Defender, Magician, or Compeller. Healers and Mages go without saying, while Guardians are tanks and Destroyers are simple combatants. Assassins are strong rogues who strike foes from behind, while Compellers apply buffs and debuffs. Naturally, the eponymous sorceress has her own Witch class.

Revived Witch Review, predictably, acquires new figurines through the ubiquitous gacha system. The mechanism functions similarly to a gumball machine, with participants pulling for randomized outcomes. These pulls are purchased with souls or crystals obtained through gaming or in-game transactions. Players can outfit the dolls with upgradeable weapons and improve them through ability trees and unique objects. Upgrades necessitate materials obtained through narrative segments and sidequests. The figurines also have an affection meter that grants different benefits. It ought to be noticed that the dolls are overwhelmingly ladylike and often have substitute outfits, which may not be however everybody would prefer.

Revived Witch Review: Latest Updates

Despite its many strengths, Revived Witch Review falls victim to a number of flaws that afflict many smartphone games. It employs stamina to restrict how much one can do in a single day without spending. Because of the starting boost and free stamina potions, stamina isn’t much of a problem at first. However, as one advances through the game, stamina becomes a larger issue. Additionally, leftover energy potions expire. After a while, gathering upgrade components can become a burden.

Revived Witch Review 2023

Revived Witch Review is a good smartphone game nonetheless. It has a powerful presentation and content that is correctly formatted. The action is also straightforward but interesting. The storyline and characters aren’t particularly distinctive for JRPG fans, but they’re still adequate. The voice acting, which is only in Japanese, is typical cartoon fodder that some may find grating. While this game isn’t ground-breaking, it’s executed well. Those who are diligent and frugal will discover an RPG that is a good time-sink.

Revived Witch Review: Final Verdict 

In spite of being strong in numerous areas, Revived Witch Review succumbs to a couple of traps that numerous versatile games fall into. Stamina is used to limit unrestricted pursuits on a regular basis. Stamina is originally not a major issue due to the early increase and complimentary stamina potions. However, as one progresses through the game, stamina becomes more of a struggle. Apart from that, energy potions have a limited storage life. It may also become tiresome to collect upgrade components over time.

Revived Witch Review, a smartphone game, is still entertaining. The layout and content are both well-formatted. The action is simple to grasp but enjoyable. The plot and characters aren’t especially unique, but they’re acceptable for JRPG fans. The vocal acting is only in Japanese and is standard cartoon fare, which some watchers may find irritating. Though not groundbreaking, the implementation of this game is excellent. For those who are diligent and frugal, an RPG can be a good time sink.

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