Prime Gaming RP Giveaway Secret Codes 2023

Worlds 2023 is now underway as League of Legends’ largest tournament of the year. Fans may watch the games and Prime Gaming RP Giveaway on various streaming platforms and enjoy seeing teams from various places compete at a high level.

With any Worlds tournament, we usually provide Drops/Rewards to watch live games. They are usually time-restricted or have limited codes. Regularly, the gifts are plunder circles, cases, skin, or RP conveyed to remember the year’s end.

Prime Gaming rp Giveaway Secret Codes 2022

This encourages people to watch the games and increases viewership. It also provides a mechanism to reward viewers for participating in the event. That being said, Amazon Prime Gaming rp Giveaway is holding Worlds 2023 Celebration sweepstakes in which you may earn RP and other prizes. We should go through the codes that have been delivered so far, the prizes, and how to recover the codes.

Prime Gaming RP Giveaway Secret Codes

Every day of the Universes 2023 Gatherings Stage gave a code that 10 observers can recover for prizes. Here are the codes that have so far been unveiled. There is likewise an excellent award for the whole occasion, which you might pursue to be qualified for.

  • Code for  Day 1: LOLQ72ZG5 code (Expired)
  • Code for Day 2: LOLE4SZM6 (Expired)
  • Code for Day 3: LOLC4WR57 (Expired)
  • Code for Day 4: LOLVZFJRE (Expired)
  • Code for Day 5: LOLYSYFSD
  • Day 6 Code: Soon to be disclosed
  • Day 7 Code: Soon to be disclosed
  • Day 8 Code: Soon to be disclosed

Each code is just great for one day, so follow us on Twitter or bookmark this page to figure out what the ongoing code is.

Prime Gaming RP Giveaway Secret Codes & Rewards

The prizes for the Groups Prime Gaming RP Giveaway and the Primary Giveaway are distinct. The Groups Giveaways happen on a daily basis, and the incentives are shown below.

  • Ten fortunate people will receive 150k Riot Points.

The Primary Prime Gaming rp Giveaway features a greater prize that will be awarded to one lucky winner at the conclusion of Worlds 2023. The following are the rewards:

  • Riot Points: 350,000
  • 1 piece mousepad Doublelift has signed a contract.
  • 1 × 10th Anniversary Ashe Giclee Art Print
  • 1 print of Mythic Forge
  • 1 Sugarcone Furyhorn plush sitting
  • 1 plush Tibbers
  • 1 plush Frostfire Tibbers XL
  • 1x Lux statue unlocked
  • 1 unlocked Viego statue
  • 1x Jinx statue unlocked
  • 1x Nightbringer Yasuo statue unlocked
  • 1 x Infinity Studio Zyra Quarter Scale Statue (SHIPS Q1/2, 2023)
  • 1x Fiona Quarter Scale Statue by Infinity Studio (PRE-ORDER SHIPS Q1/2, 2023)
  • 1 x Goodsmile Elementalist Lux 1/7 Scale Figure (SHIPS Q1/2, 2023)
  • 1x Locket RockLove Star Guardian “Hope”
  • 1x Heavyweight Worlds 2023 Hoodie
  • 1 x Extra Comfort Joggers Worlds 2023
  • 1 x Pack of Void Pins
  • 1x Poro Pin Set

Prime Gaming rp Giveaway Secret Codes 2022

 How to Redeem Prime Gaming RP Giveaway Secret Codes

To redeem the daily coupons, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Visit the Giveaway Website.
  • Participate in the Daily Giveaway Check out the League of Legends Prime Gaming rp Giveaway Goodies on the corresponding day to gain access to different methods.
  • In the methods area, enter the Secret Code From The Broadcast.

Along with the code, there are several additional things you may do to improve your odds. They are listed below.

  • Tune in to today’s Worlds Groups Stage Broadcast.
  • Look through Prime Gaming.
  • Prime Gaming may be found on Twitter.
  • Retweet a Prime Gaming Tweet from the list.
  • Share your Worlds 2023 team support on Twitter with the hashtag #PrimeWorld22.
  • Tweeting about the Giveaway

With all of those techniques completed, including the secret code, the odds of receiving the prize increase. To be clear, the offer is only open to residents of 22 countries, so make sure to double-check your eligibility on the website linked above. Best wishes, and enjoy watching Worlds 2023.

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