How to damage Oathbound Chests to retrieve Hard Drives Fortnite 2023

Fortnite Oathbound Chests are becoming increasingly popular, and not just for the high level loot you’ll obtain damage Oathbound Chests to retrieve Hard Drives when you open one of these colossal containers. Although they only show in certain areas of the island, you can find them by listening for the distinct hum they emanate when you get close to them. 

If you look for one, you’ll receive a collection of Fortnite Oathbound Items that will undoubtedly give you an advantage over your opponents. To help you, we have data on the most proficient method to track down Oathbound Chests in Fortnite, including how to check regions to feature their areas, as well as data on what you can hope to find whenever you’ve tracked down them.

How to damage Oathbound Chests to retrieve Hard Drives Fortnite 2023

Where to find Oathbound Chests Fortnite

In Fortnite Section 4 Season 1, Oathbound Chests are essentially more extraordinary than standard chests, yet you can generally discover some that have generated around specific key areas. On the guide above, we’ve denoted every one of the Fortnite Oathbound Chests areas we’ve seen as up to this point, and you’ll see that they’re solely found in fall biomes as opposed to rich green or cold regions, which ought to assist you with reducing your pursuit a tad.

Oathbound Chests Fortnite are huge white and blue containers with an ornate, knightly appearance that are considerably larger than normal chests. If you need assistance locating them, the simplest method is to capture one of the Fortnite Capture Points in a specific spot – the Domination-like banners – as capturing it will designate ALL chests in the surrounding area. The Oathbound Chests stand out because they are obviously bigger, so simply walk to that stretched-looking chest to locate what you’re searching for.

Fortnite Oathbound Chests contain a random pool of loot, but they are assured to contain a large number of gold bars and a weapon of Rare or greater grade. It’s an effective method for endeavoring to find the Fortnite Shockwave Mallet, which is an Incredible scuffle decision that is generally difficult to recognize, however it permits you to bob and slam your strategy for getting around. It might likewise show a Fortnite Bird of prey Scout, which you can use to examine for enemies and transport plunder or even fallen squadmates back from good ways.

How to damage Oathbound Chests to retrieve Hard Drives Fortnite

To damage Oathbound Chests Fortnite to recuperate Hard Drives, basically find them utilizing the data above, then, at that point, either hit them often with your gathering device or shoot them with a gun. This will drop a Hard Drive, and you should gather three of them altogether. Remember that you will possibly get Hard Drives by doing this when the particular Oathbound journey is dynamic, so they won’t show up at some other time regardless of the number of chests you obliterate, and you can’t gather them early on to save time.

How to damage Oathbound Chests to retrieve Hard Drives Fortnite 2023

In order to access one of the few Oathbound Chests in the game’s battle royale modes, you may need to journey. They are only found in the feudal environment, which is mostly found on the map’s left side. The biome sticks out from the rest because it is the only area with castles and a fall seasonal motif. Landmarks within the environment have a small chance of producing Oathbound Chests, but you’ll have the best success looking for them in their designated places, such as The Citadel, Anvil Square, and Shattered Slabs.

Aside from look, Oathbound Chests distinguish themselves from normal boxes by increasing your chances of receiving the game’s Shockwave Hammer combat weapon and the Ex-Caliber assault rifle, the latter of which is loaded with explosive ammunition. However, the chest is also assured to contain one more firearm, gold, and healing provisions. 

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