Find A Telescope Fortnite Challenge Is Here!

Find a telescope Fortnite is the new challenge arrived in the game. As Fortnite a popular battle royale game, is known for its challenges and quests that keep players engaged and entertained. One of the latest challenges in the game is to find and collect telescope parts from different outposts on the island.

This task requires players to locate and destroy three telescopes in a single match to collect the parts they need. While this may sound easy, it can be quite challenging to find the right outposts and navigate through the game’s large map. However, with the help of the map and some strategy, players can complete the quest and earn rewards.

In this guide, we will provide players with tips on how to find a telescope Fortnite and collect the parts they need to complete the challenge. We will discuss the locations of the outposts and the best path to take to find them.

Additionally, we will provide advice on how to stay safe and avoid enemies while completing the challenge. By following these tips, players can successfully complete the challenge and earn their rewards, all while having fun exploring the island and honing their skills in the game.

Find A Telescope Fortnite

What Is Find A Telescope Fortnite Challenge?

In this challenge we have to find a telescope Fortnite. As there are 9 telescopes on the Fortnite island that sell telescope parts. All of them may be found at the Seven Outposts, which are dispersed over the landscape.

You can find a telescope Fortnite and telescope parts in or close to Camp Cuddle, Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, Daily Bugle, Greasy Grove, Logjam Lumberyard, and Sanctuary. Just use map below to choose an appropriate route, keeping in mind that you must locate three of them. And “destroy and gather telescope parts inside a single match” to finish this objective.


All Locations Of Telescope In Fortnite :-

Find A Telescope Fortnite

1. Camp Cuddle Telescope location

To reach this Seven Outpost from Camp Cuddle, cross the river and head north. The north side of structure is where you’ll find telescope Fortnite.

2. Condo Canyon telescope location

At Condo Canyon or Chonker’s Raceway, head straight south or east to find the Seven Outpost and Fortnite telescope.

3. Coney Crossroads telescope location

This Seven Outpost is located southwest of Coney Crossroads in the middle of the island, on the southeast shore of the vast lake. East of the telescope location in Fortnite.

4. Daily Bugle telescope location

The Seven Outpost may be found close to the coast to the northeast of a Daily Bugle. This telescope is outside the spherical building, next to a big tree.

5. Greasy Grove telescope location

The hill all along coast southwest at Greasy Grove should be climbed. You can find a telescope Fortnite inside the structure on the Seven Outpost’s northern flank.

6. Logjam Lumberyard telescope location

Northwest of Logjam Lumberyard, ascend the mountain. This telescope can be found at the Seven Outpost.

7. Around Sanctuary are three telescopes.

On your map, north of Sanctuary’s A, is a Seven Outpost. This telescope can be found close to the garage.

8. Sanctuary telescope locations

At the easternmost area of the bay, to the east of Sanctuary, look for the biggest island. On the northern side of the island, there are two buildings. The telescope is located right inside the building’s westward-facing left door.

Search for the tiny island with a crescent form on the south side of bay southeast of Sanctuary. By the entrance of the structure, this Fortnite telescope is parked outdoors.


How To Complete The Telescope Challange?

Find A Telescope Fortnite

  1. You must Land on the archipelago’s northernmost island to begin the task in order to finish it swiftly.
  2. Within the sizable structure on the northwest corner, the first telescope is located on the ground floor.
  3. The next telescope sits outside the building, on the next island, straight south.
  4. Utilize the rift on this island’s eastern side before gliding westward towards Sanctuary.
  5. To locate the final telescope location Fortnite, go to Sanctuary’s northwest corner and peek outside.


Wrapping Up :-

You should finish the assignment after destroying and gathering three Fortnite telescope parts. As this is the best course of action, you might discover that the other players are taking a similar path and interfering with your attempts. If so, all of the additional Fortnite telescope components can be found at the Seven Outposts.

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