How to beat Zhang Liang: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss 2023

Zhang Liang is the first enemy you’ll encounter in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss , but don’t let that deceive you into believing he’ll be simple to defeat. In fact, he’s probably the most challenging adversary you’ll encounter in the early game, serving as a barrier that players must overcome by adopting Wo Long’s offense-focused combat tactics. If you’re having trouble defeating him, the tips, tactics, and strategies in this monster guide will help you approach the fight with the correct attitude and dish out the punishment Zhang Liang deserves. You’ll easily beat this boss once you grasp what Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss wants you to do.

How to beat Zhang Liang: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss

How to beat Zhang Liang: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss 

As Zhang Liang sanctions both turtling and recklessness, the first part of the battle encourages you to fluidly switch between attack and defense. This is something you’ll have to do for the remainder of the game, so consider this a brutal tutorial for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss fighting. Here are a few pointers to assist you with getting past the initial step. Prevent turtling and gripping blocks all the time. Assuming you do this, Zhang Liang will rapidly wear out your guards, and regardless of whether you block his attacks endlessly, you won’t ever go anywhere without fighting back with your own. 

Center around impeding Zhang Liang’s attacks prior to answering with your very own portion. Aside from inflicting harm to the boss’s HP bar, this restores any Spirit you may have lost while protecting yourself and reduces Zhang Liang’s. When your Spirit is high, attempt to make a Spirit strike after deflecting one of the boss’s moves. This reduces his Spirit Gauge and makes it simpler to drain it, leaving Zhang Liang vulnerable to a Fatal Blow critical blow. Don’t get greedy; after a few hits, be ready to parry again. Being strong is fundamental, however so is getting back to protection when you see the boss planning retaliatory strikes. 

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A melee assault from middle range is the first Critical Blow to look out for. Hold on until Zhang Liang is going to crash into you, then steer into him to keep away from the impact. Critical Blows are unblockable strikes that cause you to glow dark crimson, deal significant damage, and lower your Morale Rank by one when they hit. The monster’s second Critical Blow is a close-range blast that the boss powers up for a second. To block the assault, wait until the windup is complete.

How to beat Zhang Liang: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss

If you attempt to deflect too soon, you’ll just dodge and get struck by the move. While Zhang Liang is recovering from his Lethal Blow, hit him with a subsequent Hand to hand fighting attack. This is a wonderful strategy to incur extra harm, and on the grounds that the boss requires a couple of moments to get up subsequent to being hit with a Deadly Blow, it’s likewise an extremely protected move to make. You’ll eventually exhaust Zhang Liang’s life meter and send him into the scarier (and faster) Phase 2. 

How to beat Zhang Liang: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss Phase 2

Zhang Liang enhances himself with supernatural demonic powers and becomes much bigger than he was before. As different as he looks, though, the process of battling him is largely the same as it was in Phase 1. Here’s how to beat the fight’s second stage and finish off the first boss of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boss . Phase 2 begins with a large area-of-effect sweep attack. Stay away to avoid it, or alternatively jump over it. 

Trying to deflect the attack isn’t recommended, as the parry timing on this move is quite difficult to master. Zhang Liang attacks faster in this phase, so only go for a hit or two between deflects. Staying alive is more important than maximizing damage in Phase 2, so mitigating damage as much as you can is crucial. When the boss thrusts his weapon into the ground, get ready to dodge forward or to the side.

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