Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations 2023

There are 23 Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations. This guide organizes all Shitieshou Locations by suggested rank. All Shitieshou requires is to be found and fed. silver: How lovely! Shitieshou are tiny panda cub demons that can be given any equipment component in exchange for a random prize. They proceed to the bamboo region of Mt. Tianzhushan after being fed. None of the Shitieshou can be missed; they can all be located and fed after the tale in their respective tasks.

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations

The Valley of Crying Wraiths: after ascending a staircase and hoisting a Battle Flag, proceed down the slope to locate it on your right. The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven is housed in a hamlet corner structure full of containers and boxes. In Pursuit of the Immortal Wizard: after the lake with the Shitieshou Locations, next to the War Banner.

Turn around and walk past the bridge to discover another white-painted ledge to ascend. Continue walking along the top until you locate it. The Battle of Hulao Guan Pass: proceed up the left battlement from the Battle Banner in the center of the battleground. When you approach the top, turn right to locate a building directly across from the Zhuyan.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty All Shitieshou Locations

Centuries of Glory Burned Away: in a dead end, near the Golden Cicada Shell spot. The Lost Precious Artifact: You’ll have to plunge into the ocean at some point. Proceed down the river until you locate it. Darkness Over the Hanshui River: return and pass through the barrier watched by two Fanatics. Tyrant’s Final Banquet: After exploring the caverns, you’ll come across a chamber guarded by a Zhupolong. This is exactly where he is. It’s difficult to overlook. Destiny of the Entertainer can be found in the bamboo park, flanking the left side past the monument from Battle Flag 2.

Flames of Conflict Blaze You’ll have to slay a spearman in charge of a Battle Flag’s corruption midway through the task. Then, as soon as you can, proceed past it and split off to the left. A soldier can be found protecting a passageway to the left. The Uninhibited Heart: You’ll ultimately arrive in a chamber with a lightning-summoning Warlock. Use the room’s pillars to reach a secret alcove with a lengthy staircase you can ascend up. Shitieshou Locations is at the summit. The Warrior’s Path: You’ll ultimately arrive at a hamlet. Cross the bridge and hoist the Battle Banner here. The Shitieshou Locations is located on a tiny platform diagonally opposite the Battle Flag.

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations Fallen Dynasty

Later in the quest, you’ll come across a round chamber with a large statue in the center. When you reach the summit, you’ll come across an ax-wielding sentry. On a platform along the rear of the monument, across from where he is stationed. Let’s Make Our Armor Shine! : Climb up the adjacent staircase to the top of the boat, then proceed down the dock on the other side. Here, beat the sentry before untying the raft. Continue along the wharf until you reach a staircase. Look around for an Identification Banner. To locate the Shitieshou Locations, continue to the very summit of this boat.

Behold the Glaive of Righteousness: You’ll reach a misty region much later in the level. Continue along the main route until you discover a Changgui. Defeat it before climbing the lengthy staircase behind the Changgui and crossing the river. Go left at the end of the bridge and push down the shortcut level. Climb the white-painted cliff and turn left. Climb the timber scaffoldings to the balcony, then dive inside (not where the Demonized Officer is, but immediately below the rooftop). Once inside, navigate to it using the damaged platforms. Before a Battle Flag, in the same corridor where you battle a Leishi, is the Assault On Wuchao.

After the last Battle Flag after the first boss battle, drop down into the region below it to discover this Shitieshou. Heirloom Seal of the Realm: From the beginning of the quest, enter the entrance and proceed to the left. Proceed down the path until you reach a Warlock. To locate an entrance, climb up the platform near the Warlock. Ascend through it, then locate it at the very end of the other side. Let’s Shine Our Halberds: you’ll ultimately arrive at a hamlet. Get to the very end of the hamlet where three dogs are protecting it.

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