Wo Long All Dragon Vein Essence and Crystal Location 2023

Every place where you can get Wo Long All Dragon Vein Essence & Crystals to fully update your Dragon’s Cure pot. Where can you locate Wo Long: Fallen Empire Dragon’s Vein Crystals and Essences? These necessary objects increase the healing strength of your Dragon’s Cure pot, which serves as Wo Long’s version of the Estus Flask from previous Souls titles. These enhancements are required to endure even the most basic boss fights. To boost the effectiveness of your Dragon’s Heal potion, look for Wo Long Dragon’s Vein gemstones and essences.

Wo Long All Dragon Vein Essence

Wo Long All Dragon Vein Essence and Crystals Location

When you use a Dragon’s Vein crystal, you will gain more charges before your next visit to a battle flag, this game’s bonfire. When you activate the Dragon’s Vein essence, it increases the amount of damage you heal. Because it’s a reasonably challenging RPG game with many similarities to the greatest titles, such as Dark Souls, you’ll want to heal as much as possible with each charge. So far, we have the following Wo Long: Lost Dynasty Dragon’s Vein gemstones and essences:

Dragon’s Vein Crystal: Two Brave Warriors

After defeating the Zhuyan monster, you’ll come across a blacksmith called Zhu Xia. Continue past the corpses and into the big structure. The stone is kept in a chest in the rear.

The Golden Sky Burns: Dragon’s Vein Essence

Climb the ledges where the archer is after placing the second battle flag, and carry on to discover a tiger resting in front of a chest near the wooden fence and one of the flag positions. It holds the soul.

The Valley of Weeping Wraiths: Dragon’s Vein Essence

Head down the slope after raising the combat flag up a staircase, and you should see a Wo Long Shitieshou panda on your right. Carry on to locate two tiger adversaries. Destroy them and take the object lying on the ground as your reward.

Dragon’s Vein crystal: Yellow Heaven’s Demon Stronghold

Turn to the left after unlocking the fort’s doorway behind the battle flag and defeat the ogre defending the entryway. The gem can be found on a seat.

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations

Dragon’s Vein Essence: In Pursuit of the Eternal Wizard

After defeating the Zhupolong, the alligator-like mini-boss, proceed to the right and all the way to the finish of the chamber. To get to the shelter, take a left and scale the wall. Turn left and leap across the branches until you reach the essence above the Battle Flag.

The Dragon’s Vein Essence: The Collapse of the Corrupted Eunuch

You must identify the Luoyang Dungeon keys in order to uncover this one. Head inside the cell with many undead inside near to the battle flag on the ground level where the purple water pool is and vanquish them. The key is close to a torso and a brazier. To obtain the essence, proceed to the opposite side of the purple lake and turn left just before the entry to the chamber with a torch outside. Take the essence and open the cage door with the key. The key works on all cells, so don’t be concerned about it being a one-time use object.

Dragon’s Vein Crystal: The Collapse of the Corrupted Eunuch

When you approach the battle flag just before the monster, go around the right side of the big sanctuary in front of you and slay both the wolf and the soldier. On the other side of the small bridge, the crystal is resting next to the bamboo plants.

Battle of Hulao Guan Pass: Dragon’s Vein Crystal.

After defeating the corrupted ax-wielding soldier at the side camp battle flag, which is behind you on the side path if you’re at the battle flag just before the main fort, climb aboard the ballista and fire projectiles at the wooden barrier that bars the path to the chest on the scaffolding ahead. The substance is contained within the rib cage.

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