#4 Genshin Impact Breezy Snapshots DAY Event Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Want the guide to complete Genshin Impact Breezy Snapshots DAY Event with easy tips and tricks. The new Windblume’s breathe event is live on Genshin Impact and here are GA tips and tricks to complete the breezy snapshots event right now in 2023.

Breezy snapshots as the name suggests it’s a photo taking event and a minievent from this amazing Windblume’s breathe event of Genshin Impact too.

You also need to unlock the breezy snapshots event and this will also happen on March 5 and 7 2023 too. Here’s our GA guide to complete the superb breezy snapshots event in Genshin right now.

Genshin Impact Breezy Snapshots

Genshin Impact Breezy Snapshots DAY Event Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Now let’s see the breezy snapshots day 1, day 2, and day 3 leaks in Genshin Impact. Day 1 for breezy snapshots is also open and unlocked now. You just need to enter the Mondstadt city to complete this photography event too.

Before getting access to the breezy snapshots in Genshin Impact, you also need to accomplish the A Gathering of Outlanders from the Windblume’s breathe event too.

The task for Breezy Snapshots day 1 is very simple as you just need to choose photography target and click photo location from the target locations too.

And you also need to interact with Fassben at the side gate at Mondstadt city to complete the quests too. After completing breezy snapshots day.1 event, you can get 10K Mora, Windblume Kamera Gadget, and also 4 Adventurer’s Experience too.

Hero’s Wit, Primogems, and Festive Ticket are also the other breezy snapshots rewards too in Genshin Impact.


That’s a wrap for Genshin Impact Breezy Snapshots event guide from our GA end. Stay tuned to GA for more breezy snapshots guide, tips and strategies to complete day 2 and day 3. The day 3 tricks and tips to complete the breezy snapshots will also be shared at your GA end too.

Complete the entire Breezy Snapshots event and click some amazing selfies and pics to get entertained by this new Genshin Impact event to the core too.

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Is Genshin Impact a Good Game?

Genshin Impact is an amazing anime adventure game that you can play on all devices except Xbox alone and this adventure is sure to take you all by surprise too.

You can complete the Breezy Snapshots event to get new rewards too. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more exclusive Genshin Impact leaks and updates too.


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