How to Catch a Chicken Fortnite: Creed Quest Mission 2023

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, chickens were added to the territory. Epic Games wants players to capture three chickens in various encounters during the Avian Ambush Challenge Week. Those who finish the job will be awarded with 20,000 XP. Here’s How to Catch a Chicken Fortnite: Creed Quest Mission.

Their initial intent was to provide bones as a crafting material for players to modify their weaponry with. However, their usefulness changed from crafting to mobility over time. This has stayed a consistent in the game to this day.

How to Catch a Chicken Fortnite: Creed Quest Mission 2023

How to Catch a Chicken Fortnite: Creed Quest Mission

Land in regions of the globe where chickens are found frequently.

To locate a chicken in Fortnite, players should first arrive in and around POIs/landmarks with a high abundance of wildlife. Some excellent places to visit are:

  • Greasy Wood to the east
  • The entire arid environment
  • The Fort Jonesy

Although chickens are prevalent in Chrome-free areas, a few can be located in and around Chromed POIs like Flutter Barn and Lustrous Lagoon. As always, it’s a good idea to prepare for the early game phases of the match before trying challenges. This ensures that any opponents encountered along the road can be handled quickly and easily.

Locate a chicken and approach towards it gradually.

Following the preparation, the next stage is to locate a chicken. It shouldn’t take long to run into one, depending on the spawn position and the region in which people opt to settle. Once a poultry has been discovered, participants must proceed with caution. Given that poultry can outpace players even when they aren’t sprinting, it’s best to get as near to one as possible before racing to catch a chicken fortnite.

Once in range, run & catch a chicken fortnite using the interaction key/button

How to Catch a Chicken Fortnite: Creed Quest Mission 2023

Players should run straight towards the chicken and use the interaction icon to catch a chicken fortnite once they are in range. Players should be able to catch a chicken fortnite on their first attempt if they coordinate it correctly. Otherwise, they can wait for it to end and restart the procedure. To increase their chances of success, players who are quick at constructing and can churn out 90s quickly should construct walls around the chicken to prevent it from fleeing. After erecting the walls, players can construct a door, enter the building, and capture a chicken at their ease.

To accomplish this Avian Ambush Challenge, three hens must be captured. To gain XP, players must perform the procedure two more times over the span of two or more encounters. Here’s a quick mini-guide to help players figure out which key to press to engage with and catch a chicken fortnite:

  • Loot for the symbol with three horizontal lines in the top-left area of the screen when you launch Fortnite.
  • Click on it and pick the symbol with three horizontal lines and a cog-wheel in it.
  • Go to Preferences by clicking the symbol.
  • Keyboard and mouse users will locate the keyboard controls page in the preferences menu under the eighth symbol. 
  • Controller users will locate the gamepad controls page in the settings interface under the ninth icon.
  • Once in their various tabs, players can double-check the interact icon and, if necessary, remap it.
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