How to Complete From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest

After completing the task Under Siege, return to Nimbus for an opportunity to take up From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall. This mission is required if you want to begin accessing some of the Neomuna rewards, and you’ll receive a cool gun as a reward for your efforts. Here’s how to finish From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall. Lightfall is a four-step mission from From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall that culminates in the rare Fusion Rifle, Iterative Loop. So, let us get started.

How to Complete From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest

From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest: Step 1

We’ll need to collect provision caches from Neomuna’s Region chests. Open your map if you’re not clear where to look for area chests. Cross images can be found all over the globe. Ahimsa has three and Zephyr Circuit has three.

Chest 1: Balcony

Let’s go to Zephyr Concourse and get some containers since we’re already familiar with it. Drop into the metropolis, then proceed up the slope and past the graffiti wall. You’ll shortly access Zephyr Concourse. Turn left once you’ve passed the brief hallway that leads into Zephyr Concourse. You’ll notice a tiny terrace. Turn around and jump up to it. There will be a clear platform from which you can leap onto the balcony’s roof.

Chest 2: Gym Room

Turn right from the terrace chest and cross the bridge to the right of the strawberry building (it’s red, has dimples like a strawberry, and it’s a strawberry building). Stay on the main level and then proceed to the gym. Because the window here is broken, you should leap straight in. You’ll notice an uncovered vent area into which you can ascend. If you do this, you’ll discover a tiny room at the conclusion with a chest inside.

Chest 3: Beside Bar

Return to the massive fruit structure and cut directly across. You’ll shortly arrive at a tavern. Ascend the steps into the bar and make your way to the very rear. You’ll be able to leap onto the metal structure next to the outdoor terrace, next to the vibrant pink neon sign. If you look down, you’ll notice a succession of recessed entrances. The last chest we need is in the one on the left, with the open terrace. 

How to Complete From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest

From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest: Step 2

In order to load up the taskbar to 100%, we’ll have to grind out a variety of jobs in the next stage. Patrols will earn you 15%, while unlocking chests spread throughout the maps will earn you 3%. Head to Ahimsa Park for Public Events, and while you’re there, pick up a patrol for foes slain. A Public Event does not have to be completed effectively in order to contribute towards your total, and it will net you slightly more than 15%. And, to make things easier, outfit your Ghost with Treasure Seeker. You’ll be passing a number of chests and will almost certainly discover five or more before you realize it.

From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest: Step 3

It’s time to assist the Neomuni folks once more. But this time we’ll have to deal with a supervisor. Head into the city and into Zephyr Concourse from the quick transit spot near Nimbus. Turn left at the fruit structure in the middle and proceed to the gate. Jump over them and proceed along the brief passageway to Esi Station. Upon approaching Esi Terminal, veer left, then right. There will be a lot of Cabal, which means you’re on the correct track. After dispatching them, proceed down the slope. Turn right, slay the Cabal that awaits you, and then turn left into a wide, open space.

From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest: Step 4

Our great journey has come to an end. Finally, we can return to Strider’s Gate. After that, talk with Nimbus. If you do this, Nimbus will notice that your name in the community is growing. Isn’t that a positive thing? But, more significantly, he’ll give you the Iterative Loop gun.

Iterative Loop is a rapid-fire frame Fusion Rifle that you can bring to the Enclave and customize to your liking. So, nice bargain if you like Fusion Rifles? From Zero Destiny 2 Lightfall will also be much more powerful than your other treasures.

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