How to complete Destiny 2 Downfall Mission

With Under Siege under our belts, we’ll need to attempt to breach Calus’s fortress around the Veil. So the next task in the Lightfall campaign starts. Here’s How to complete Destiny 2 Downfall Mission.

Storming Callus’ citadel will be difficult. But we’re the task’s Protection. We’ll have to sneak aboard the Defense Liner. You’ll show up on top of a rooftop, however there’s an extensive scaffold in front of you and somewhat to one side. Approach it and climb over it. It’s worth noting that you can use your Sparrow. There’s a compelling reason I need to carry on like a primitive rancher.

How to complete Destiny 2 Downfall Mission

How to complete Destiny 2 Downfall Mission

You’ll eventually come across Ahimsa Park and another heinous relic with a Suppression Field. As you progress, you’ll notice a spot to use a campaign logo. This is fantastic because we’re about to get into a fight. As you move forward, a Cabal Drop Pod will appear in front of you. You’ll be surrounded by a throng of Psions and Legionaries.

Dimensional Hypotrochoid, the grenade launcher you just received from Nimbus, functions great here. It’s significant that you don’t have to trust that the conveyance compartments will open. You can begin shooting the moment they strike the ground, and the foes inside will endure hurt. As you ascend the slope to the left, you will encounter three giant Incinerator Cabal. These three will fire a lot. Maintain your distance and use long-range weaponry to dispatch them.

You could also use a Survey Rifle or a Pulse Weapon. We can claim the checkpoint box and access the door once all three are dead. Right above the sarcophagus, you’ll see a black rock gently spinning.

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Pass through the barricade to board the ship. There’s no way to get disoriented if you go deeper inside. You’ll come to a halt. Turn right to find an entryway with a sharp descent. Assuming that you fail to work out, you’ll wind up in the Typhon Imperator. Move toward the two fighter Secrecy figures and pay heed to the way that you can remain on the watery surface. A terrace and an entrance will be on your right.

How to complete Destiny 2 Downfall Mission

Jump from the wet ledge to it. There will be another plummet if you go through the entryway. If you fall, you’ll be in a chamber with three War Dogs. There will be a ridge and an entrance that you can leap through. You’ll find yourself on a small hilltop. Jump up to the next tallest pathway using the square boulders on the slope.

Destiny 2 Downfall Mission: Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

But keep in mind that a Scorpius is ready to shoot you. Take cover as soon as possible to prevent having to repeat this stretch. Go back to where the Scorpius was, then peer across the chamber for a narrow entrance with a sliver of light shining through it. That will be our next stop. When you reach this entrance, you’ll be dropped into another chamber. However, this chamber contains a Phalanx, two Legionary, and several War Dogs.

Now that they’re out of the way, proceed to the hallway opening that goes into a grand purple chamber. It adheres to Callus’ style. An entrance can be found to the left of the chandelier. Jump up to it using the metal blocks all around you. Now all we have to do is make our way to the other side. Note that the entrance at the conclusion is just a ruse. Turn right on the last level and gaze up.

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