How to Craft Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh 2023

Nothing seems more ultimate in Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh than acquiring the most cutting-edge equipment. So it’s not shocking that everyone wants the Tech armor to make their life that much simpler. Obtaining this armor, however, is no simple job. We should go over how to acquire Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh.

Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh

Because Tech armor is the most advanced piece of armor in the game, it will be challenging to construct for yourself. The first item you’ll need is a 3D printer before you can start making Tech gear. A 3D printer can be found in some of the island’s numerous high-tech buildings. The majority of these amenities are only accessible through a tunnel or by digging a hole in the earth. These will typically include a variety of high-quality materials such as duct tape and wire, as well as a 3D printer and plastic.

Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh

Because each component of armor requires a significant quantity of resin, you will need to raid a number of these sites for their resin. Once you have a good supply of resin, you should go to a 3D printer and create a few sections of tech mesh. You’ll require a segment of tech mesh, a circuit board, channel tape, and wire for every part of the tech protective layer you need to make. This grants you one component of armor per craft, with six pieces of tech armor required to protect your entire torso.

How to Craft Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh

You’d think that because this armor costs the most of any armor in the game right now, it’d be the finest armor you could get. That, in any case, couldn’t be further from the truth. Many users claim that the Tech armor is not worth the money. The Tech armor does not provide much more protection than the other medium-tier armor in the game, and it appears to disintegrate after a few impacts. Tech armor is only helpful if it malfunctions and becomes invincible.

Resources required for Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh

You’d be better off using your high-end resources to construct some of the game’s better weapons rather than Tech armor. At the very least, they will make protecting yourself simpler than Tech armor. To make Tech Armor in Lords of the Forest, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 1 piece of Tech Mesh
  • 1x Cable
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 1x Printed Circuit Board
  • 1 set of batteries

Except for Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh, all of these are reasonably prevalent around the island if you keep looking for abandoned camps and bodies. Just keep checking containers and you’ll ultimately find them, with Circuit Board being the most uncommon. Don’t forget that you can find a lot of these materials by examining the receptacles that respawn near where you first wash up on the island.

Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh

The only resource that is a problem here is Sons of the Forest Tech Mesh, which requires you to visit the 3D Printer in the south of the island at this particular spot. To print Tech Mesh, cycle through the options with R and then hit E to expend 250ml of Print Resin. There is a lot of Print Resin in this area, as well as around abandoned sites.

After you’ve made the Tech Mesh, hit I and then right-click every component you’ll need to make Tech Armor, then click the gear symbol to make it. Once made, left click to equip it and gain additional security from the island’s inhabitants. 

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