Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location 2023

Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location provides a distinct survival horror experience unequaled by many games today. While the survival aspects of the game are thrilling enough, particularly making sure you have enough sustenance to last the day, the game also provides you with a plethora of weapons with which to protect yourself. Each weapon in the game serves a unique function, excelling at specific levels and duties.

One of these firearms is the Shotgun, a powerful tool with a lot of punch. If you’ve played other survival/action games, you’ll know that the strength of this weapon rests in its close-combat skills. So, in Lords of the Forest, how do you obtain the Shotgun? Here’s what you should know.

Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

How to get Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location 

Some conditions must be fulfilled before obtaining the weapon itself. You’ll need your GPS device to indicate the position on the map, as well as a shovel because the firearm will need to be pulled up. When you’re set to go, travel to the southeast corner of the map to locate the Shotgun.

You should observe a makeshift grave on the ground as you get closer to the beach. This one is simple to identify because it has a crucifix with a crimson cloth affixed to it. With your shovel, dig up this cemetery to reveal a deceased corpse holding the Shotgun. Check out the movie below by Syrekx for a more precise look at the exact spot on the map.

Once you’ve obtained the Firearm, make sure you use it properly. If The Forest is any indication, the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest will also have restricted ammo, making it more difficult to obtain, at least in the early game. As a result, we suggest depending on your Pistol to get you through the tougher parts of the game and only using the Shotgun when you’re completely overwhelmed or in a terrible situation. It is still one of the most lethal firearms, so it should come in handy when you are out of choices.

Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

How to get Sons of the Forest Gun Location

Lords of the Forest pits players against a slew of dangerous foes. As in its predecessor, The Forest, players will encounter more difficult and deadly enemies as they progress through the game. The longer you live, the more enemies you will face, and they will typically be much better equipped and more challenging to defeat.

As an outcome, it’s no big surprise that one of the main components of gaming in Sons of the Forest is updating your stock over the long run. Any other way, you will have no expectation of enduring one more evening. Fortunately, you can use a variety of weaponry to protect yourself against the game’s incoming threats. These include both combat and ranged weaponry. A handgun is one of the projectile firearms accessible in Sons of the Forest. It’s not always simple to find, but don’t fear, we’ve got you covered.

How to get Sons of the Forest Pistol Location

To acquire a pistol, travel to the western side of the island to the coast of a tiny cove where a river flows into the sea. Look towards the water, and you should see a tiny orange inflatable craft visible from the shoreline. It will take you a minute or two to swim there, but it will be well worth your time.

When you arrive at the boat, you should be able to access it via a staircase. There, you will discover not only a pistol but also a GPS tracker, which will be helpful in your survival attempts.

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