#1. New Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest – Check Here!

We now need to find the Revolver location Sons of the Forest. We had previously located the golden armour location. Next, we discovered the locations of the all 3 bows in Sons of the Forest. The Revolver location Sons of the Forest may be found in this post. Keep reading this post to learn where to find or how to obtain a Revolver in Sons of the Forest.

Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest

Revolver In Sons Of The Forest :-

The Sons of the forest Revolver is a more effective weapon than the Katana or the Compound Bow, but in order to keep using it, you’ll need to locate its ammunition. The gun has a six-bullet clip, and every time you reload, you’ll require 9mm ammunition.

By scouting out various Revolver location Sons Of The Forest on the map, we advise gathering ammunition. The Revolver in Sons of the Forest is a respectable weapon against mutant foes even though it may not be the greatest in the game.


How To Get Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest?

Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest

In Sons of the Forest Revolver is found in an underground bunker near the top-most green blip upon that eastern side of the map. If you want to know where this bunker is exactly, look at the yellow circle with arrow on the GPS.

As you get at the spot of revolver location sons of the forest, dig directly on top of the golf car with the Shovel tool. You must then descend the ladder to the bunker in order to access the Maintenance C trap door.

Upon inside the bunker, proceed down the corridor and go through the first door on your right. You can find the Revolver location Sonhere in front of a dead body. You can also take some other things from this bunker. After gathering everything with Revolver in Sons of the forest, exit the basement through the same entrance.

Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest

How To Get The Shovel In Sons Of The Forest?

If you want to get the Revolver in Sons of the Forest, you will need some items like shovel to dig the ground. To find the Shovel here are the guide.

Go to the cave that is west of the snow-capped mountains in the map’s centre. Three streams will converge here, and there will be 3 corpses outside the entryway. In case something goes wrong within the cave, we advise setting up a tent outside the entrance. Using the zipline to enter the cave and also the rope gun to secure the ropes.

Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest

If you see a body of water to your left, look there. Then, get your rebreather ready and get ready to dive. Find the opening in the cave floor by diving below, then follow the underwater tube until you come to an aperture. As you reach a section of the tunnel with an inclination and running water, exit the water and move forward through the cave.

As you reach the water pool after sliding down the slope, take a right to climb onto to the cave floor. Open the doorway and proceed through the network of caves until you reach a larger room that has two dead people. Keep to the right side of the cave and you’ll come across another hole that will take you to yet another sizable cavern.

Make sure to get the flashlight attachment while you’re here because one of the bodies in this area will have one. Once you reach the underwater area of the cave, turn around and head back towards the cavern’s entrance. Swim through the underwater passageway until you come out on the other side.


How To Find Pistol Location In Sons Of The Forest?

The most crucial information in this article is that in order to find the handgun, you must start from the spot where your helicopter crashed when you initially landed on the island as well as the purple exclamation point on the GPS tracking device for the emergency kit. The exclamation mark won’t be visible until you’re close to the crash scene, so zoom out completely on the GPS tracker to find it.

Continue moving left in the direction of that purple exclamation mark until you spot it on the GPS. Simply swim straight ahead from here until you reach the side of the yacht, where you’ll find a ladder to climb up inside. Many sharks are circling the area and will try to eat you, so you’ll want to get onto the boat as fast as you can.

You can clearly see the Pistol on the ground once you’re inside the boat. To add the handgun to your bag, simply interact with it, it will then appear with in black gun case in the inventory.


How To Find The Rope Gun In Sons Of The Forest?

Revolver Location Sons Of The Forest

Since the Rope Gun is hidden in one of island’s many caverns, finding it may take you several hours. You must still explore the cave even after locating the proper one. Moreover, Sons of the Forest has a lot of spacious caves.

In light of this, the cave you require is found in close proximity to the location of the 3D printer on the western side of the island. While it is incredibly dark with in Rope Gun cave, make sure to bring the flashlight or a lighter. A weapon should also be brought.

You must proceed straight ahead once inside. You will pass by the remains of labourers along the road. Moreover, a mutant is stuck in one of the small tunnels. A Time Bomb can be found among the adjacent worker corpses. Use it to exterminate the mutant. Then, until you locate the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest, you must continue spelunking in the cave.


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