#1. New Golden Armor Location Sons Of The Forest – How To Get The Location?

Golden Armor Location Sons Of The Forest: Here we are in this another post of Gaming Acharya. In this post we will see the Golden Armor Location in Sons Of The Forest. And we will also see how to get at the Golden Armor Location Sons Of The Forest, So without any further due lets start the article.


What Is Golden Armor Sons Of The Forest?

The user is completely protected by the unique vanity/progression equipment known as Sons of the forest Golden Armor. It is unbreakable and indestructible. By entering the GPS point of interest for the southeast, you may get the Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor Location. The fourth and last room on Level 2 of the underground section, where there is a dead skeleton, is where you can find it.

Golden Armor Location

Golden Armor Location In Sons Of The Forest :-

In the game Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need a Keycard to enter the bunker where Golden Armor is hidden. There are three key cards which can be found in the game the VIP Keycard, the Guest Keycard.

And the Maintenance Keycard, which can all be found in maintenance bunker. Nonetheless, the Maintenance Keycard will let you enter the bunker containing the Golden Armor Location Sons Of The Forest.


How To Get Golden Armor In Sons Of The Forest?

When you have the Upkeep Keycard in your possession, proceed to the location specified in the following instruction manual. You will find a cave-like entrance there, through which you must pass between the rocks.

You won’t see anything once you enter the cave because it is so black; thus, you need fire up your weapon’s flashlight or some other light source and descend all the way until you reach a bunker.

When you descend, a door that needs a keycard to open it will be in your path. Use Maintenance Keycard to open it, then explore the space to find the Goldon Armor in Sons of the Forest gameplay.



1) What Is The Gameplay In Sons Of The Forest?

The Armor isn’t horrible, but it doesn’t quite match the damage-eliminating benefits of things like Tech Armor, according to battle testing. Moreover, the armour serves as a key to open the gate leading to the magma caves in the eastern bunker.

If this is in the player’s inventory when the gate has interacted with, it will immediately be equipped. At the right of this thread is information about the affects of wearing the armour.


2) How To Get Creepy Armor Sons Of The Forest?

Skinned dead Virginias, Armsies, and Cowmen can be used to make spooky armour. Moreover, the Female mutant will leave behind three unsettling bits of armour when killed. Yet, there is no grotesque armour on mutant babies.

At the moment, each item offers an armour rating of 80. The second-strongest armour is bone, which offers 40 per piece. It was included as a prize for eliminating mutants. Prior to this patch, the only benefit of killing mutants was keeping them from harming you or your property.


3) How Do You Get Full Armor In The Forest?

Players will require 6 bones and 3 pieces of cloth in order to create one piece of Bone Armor. The majority of the time, cloth is discovered in luggage that wash up on the island’s coastlines. Crates in caves and cannibal communities are other worthwhile, albeit riskier, search locations.

The collection of bones necessitates a more gory method. Gamers would have to burn the remains of the cannibals they dismember or the numerous eerie effigies they come across while exploring. Players can pick up the bones or begin creating when the flesh have melted away. Moreover, bones occasionally turn up in caverns and deserted sites.


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