All 3 Bow Locations Sons Of The Forest – Full Guide!

Here is a new post that will show you where each of the all 3 bow locations in Sons of the Forest. This guide will show you what materials you’ll need and how to acquire them in order to find all 3 bow locations in Sons of the Forest. To find all 3 bow locations in Sons of the Forest, we conduct some investigation.

All 3 Bow Locations

How To Get All 3 Bow Locations Sons Of The Forest :-

To get all 3 bow locations sons of the forest, you will need some items. Because you will not get them, if you don’t have those items. Here in this paragraph we will see what items we need to get all 3 bow locations sons of the forest, especially Compound bow or cross bow location.

Nevertheless, you must first locate the shovel in order to look for it. To accomplish this, first you must locate the rebreather and so the rope gun. The rebreather is located in a cave not far from the location of the helicopter crash, while the rope gun is located farther out on the island, near to the 3D printer cave.

When you have those things, return to the crash site and look for the green GPS icon also on map. There must be a cave close to this spot. You may locate the shovel here.

You may find the crossbow rather early on in the game. Once you have a number of things and find a lost keycard, you’ll be able to find it. The rebreather, which is a crucial device you’ll need to locate and is located close to the crash site where the game begins, is nearby.

Once you’ve got that, move south and look inside a cave near to where the 3D printer is to find the rope gun. Once you acquire those two things, proceed to the nearest GPS location, which is south of the accident site, and enter the cave. At the end of it, there is a shovel that you can use to enter a subterranean bunker.


First Bow Location In Sons Of The Forest :-

All 3 Bow Locations

Similarly to the first game, making a bow is simple. The majority of the game’s recipes are already in the book, as you may recall, and you can still experiment with different resources to make something. To craft bow in Sons of the forest we will need this items given below:

  • Sticks
  • Rope
  • Duct Tape

In Sons of the Forest, you must have these three components in order to make a bow. When only a few trees need to be felled, finding sticks is simple. Although rope and duct tape could be more challenging, it’s crucial that you keep a close check on the area around your spawn spot.

Method To Craft Bow :

All 3 Bow Locations

  1. Tap the I button to access your inventory.
  2. Place the ingredients in the centre of the spread-out bag by hovering over each one individually and clicking the ‘Combine’ button on the right mouse.
  3. Once you’ve arranged all the components for the bow, click Combine from the context menu when you’re hovering over the gear symbol.


Second Bow Location In Sons Of The Forest :-

All 3 Bow Locations

The Compound Bow lies deep on the island, so you’ll have to travel quite a distance south from where you started to discover it. You must move far away from the crash site, farther inside the island, and in the direction of a distant green GPS indicator.

You should locate a dig site where you can utilise the shovel after clicking this icon, which will transport you to a cannibal camp. You can dig there with your shovel, and you’ll find an underground bunker.

In the bunker, enter the hotel-style room, and keep going until you come to the body in the bathroom. In the bathroom, the Compound Bow in sons of the forest will be close to the deceased person.


Third Bow Location In Sons Of The Forest :-

The procedures below must be taken in order to obtain the crossbow in Sons of the Forest:

All 3 Bow Locations

Players must first visit this place given in the above image, Then players must enter the cave once they arrive there.

Although there are no adversaries in the cave, players must be cautious of the drops, thus bring a torch and a flashlight. The door can be found once the players have reached the cave’s exit.

You can enter the eating room by opening the door and descending. Following that, players must proceed to the closed door on right side. The keycard must be used to unlock the door by the players.

All 3 Bow Locations

Players will see plants throughout the entire facility once they unlock the door. Next, in the second area, players must move between the plants on the shelves in order to uncover a corpse. Players will discover the crossbow in sons of the forest on the body.


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