How To Get Destiny 2 Year In Review 2022?

Want To get your Destiny 2 year in review 2022, If you don’t know how to get then we are here to help you. With the release of Lightfall expansion, Destiny 2 is about to enter yet another new era. Guardians can look back on their exploits in 2022 with a Year in Review screen.

A personalised graphic that displays all of their recent successes along with a few of their personal favourites. In this article we will see what is year in review Destiny 2 anf hoe to get it, so stay in this post.

Destiny 2 Year In Review 2022

What Is Destiny 2 Year In Review 2022?

A thorough analysis of each player’s advancement in the sci-fi shooter can be found in Bungie’s Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022. The report shows off each player’s accomplishments in great detail, from the number of opponents you have fought to highest seasonal rank we have attained, in addition to describing weapons and armour obtained, rewards won, and progress on seasonal activities.

Gamers can use the information in the this review to chart their growth over time and pinpoint their weaknesses, giving Bungie useful feedback for further game releases. The Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022 is a great opportunity to look back on your achievements in the game while having fun.

Destiny 2 Year In Review 2022

How To Get Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022?

By doing the following, you can obtain your Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022:

  1. Your Destiny 2 account must be used to log in at the official Bungie website.
  2. Now navigate to the Email and SMS option in the Account Settings section.
  3. In order to receive your Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022, see if the email has been verified. If not, you must do so first.
  4. In order to receive the review in the verified email, tick the next two boxes, if you haven’t already.
  • I consent to Bungie emailing me about news and updates and sending me individualised social media messages.
  • I agree to receive communications from Bungie about services related to and Destiny.

Go to your email account after completing the aforementioned steps. You should see an email from Bungie with the subject See your #Destiny2YearinReview (Your Username). When you open the email, you will find your personalised infographic.

Esports We must have particular email settings enabled in order to receive our Year in Review Destiny 2. Visit Bungie’s website now. Pro gaming manuals Make sure that you have signed up to receive emails by Bungie if you want your Year in Review Destiny 2 sent to you through email.

Destiny 2 Year In Review 2022


1) Bungie Shares Workaround for Missing Destiny in Review :-

Emails When Bungie delivers these emails later today as well as on February 21, fans should get their Destiny 2 Year in Review 2022 after double-checking and saving.


2) Year in Review Destiny 2 Does It Measure Up To The Hype? 

World Bungie improved the game during the second year. They published an awesome expansion with lots of gameplay enhancements.


3) What is the total Destiny Registered Players in 2022?

According to our records, 15% of Destiny’s registered users are active every day as of 2022, with a total player base of around 900,000. About 100,000 users, or over 15% of all registered players, play Destiny 2 every day across all supported devices.


4) What is Live Monthly Player Count in Destiny 2? 

The summary of the monthly active Destiny 2 gamers may be found in the live monthly statistics. The number of Destiny 2 players has likewise reached a peak. referring to the number of people who are actively playing Destiny 2 at once. Destiny 2 For the consumers’ better understanding, we gathered all the information and entered it on a chart.


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