Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Complete Walkthrough 2023

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 are optional areas that you can investigate for valuable prizes such as uncommon weapon mod schematics. You can get a ton of changes by stealing from compartments, yet you will not have the option to maximize any gun except if you go into a portion of these areas.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 smallest dungeons, but it is more challenging to reach than some of the others. The prison likewise has a genuinely troublesome supervisor battle, so ensure you’re good to go before you start examining it.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Complete Walkthrough 2023

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Complete Walkthrough

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 is southwest of Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 and west of the Kollectiv Compound. When you first arrive, the facility is invaded by organic foes who have managed to bring down the local Hawk while also disabling all of the Dandelion cameras. Since you want admittance to the cameras to get to the underground mind boggling, you should initially clear the pervasion before you can do anything more nearby.

If you look carefully, you’ll observe that the drone is being held in position by vines growing from a nearby manhole. Your first task should be to liberate the Hawk by removing the vines from below. You can’t get to the drains through the same manhole where the plants are emanating from, but there’s another one nearby. Looking northwest while standing next to the drone, you’ll notice a mushroom-shaped bunker with a crimson dome.

Drop down the sewer to reveal a box near the drop spot. Continue down the drain to discover another chest guarded by two foes. Backtrack and enter another drainage conduit through the hole on the right. If you want to investigate an alternative section where you can discover three more boxes, take the right exit, then return and continue through the opening in the wall to reach the furnace room.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Location

You can investigate a few alternative places down here, but your primary objective is to reactivate the furnaces and burn away the infection. Remove the Mutant from the chamber and glance to your right for a puzzle lock. Solve the puzzle to open the door and investigate the chamber to discover a candle-filled crate. Insert a Candle into the conduit located next to the entrance. Go to the opposite side and move the Light through the passages until it fits inside one of the burners. 

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Complete Walkthrough 2023

Rehash this multiple times more to begin the boilers in general, so, all in all a fire will burst out, consuming with smoldering heat the pervasion. Leave the furnace room via the front exit (rather than the opening you came in through) and turn right to discover another door with a puzzle lock. Solve the riddle and proceed through the tunnels until you reach a chamber with a large clump of Polymer. Enter the Pool and continue swimming until you reach the escape. Return to the compound and seek out the three blue homes with red roofs. You undoubtedly noticed them when you first entered the neighborhood.

Locate the home with a big green crate beside it and a yellow pipe protruding from its left side. Climb onto the top using the crate and the conduit to discover a Terminal. Interact with the Terminal to assume charge of the camera confronting the Lenin statue in the center of the compound. Use the instruction to open the building next to the monument and go inside to discover a lift that will transport you to Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9. 

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