Atomic Heart Testing Ground 11 Key 2023

Getting into Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 to gather the firearm enhancements can be difficult because you will need to find a key to access the first door, even though it is unclear where the key is found in the open world.

Atomic Heart provides players with an open world area to investigate for several hours, and in between task areas, you can discover special testing centers full of upgrades to your arsenal. So, if you need assistance with the game and are looking for the secret to Atomic Heart Training Grounds 11, we’ve got you covered.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 11

Atomic Heart Testing Ground

Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11 is close to the huge overpass leading to the Infirmary structure. You’ll travel through this region after completing the Theatre level, so there’s no need to hurry here once you’ve gained entry to the wide world.

Unlike many other testing facilities, this one needs you to locate a key and unlock particular locks using adjacent webcams. Finding a small spherical key in an open environment, on the other hand, can be challenging. Fortunately, the key isn’t far from Testing Grounds 11, so we’ll point you in that direction.

The key is in a tiny, walled-off compound immediately north-west of Testing Grounds 11, as indicated on the map above. The compound’s ramparts are too high to scale straight, so you’ll have to take one of two routes inside. Climb on top of one of the nearby trains along the tracks, proceed to the section of the train closest to the wall, and leap right in.

Once inside, there will be a large main building with a spiral stairway at the top, as well as a much smaller building in the southern section of the property, near a locked door. Pick the door on this smaller structure and then take out the adversary inside. The key can then be found next to a deceased corpse.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground

After you’ve obtained the key, leave the compound and return to the Testing Grounds 11 structure, where you can enter and ride the lift down. That concludes our tutorial on how to locate the key to Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 11, and you now know precisely how to access this facility. The other option is to pull down the nearby Hawk for repair and then zip line straight into the compound.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 8

If you want to gather the powerful weapon upgrades inside Atomic Heart Testing Grounds 8, you’ll need to know how to access this testing center, which can be challenging at first. So, if you’re searching for instructions on how to access Atomic Heart Testing Ground 8, look no further.

Atomic Heart’s open world contains a number of testing sites that must be opened using camera puzzles or keys. They serve as a means for players to gather particular firearm upgrades, allowing your arsenal to become even more potent.

You can now return to the structure and ride the lift down to begin receiving weapon upgrades. That concludes our explanation of how to access Atomic Heart Testing Ground 8, and you now know how to disable the elevator locks in the Computational Centre.

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