Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit Quest Walkthrough 2023

The task “Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit” will require you to swim through the polymer attached to the ceiling in order to advance through the level. This guidance will help you solve this riddle. Within the first few hours, Atomic Heart, Mundfish’s newest RPG shooter, has a somewhat straightforward idea. In order to progress through the game and access the open-world portion, you must solve several mini-puzzles.

The goal of the task “Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit” is to find the container holding pesticides to repair a specific tree in the facility’s foyer in order to unlock the door. To do so, you must swim through the polymer, which is nothing novel because you have done it before, but this time the polymer is stuck to the roof. If you’re experiencing trouble getting to the polymer, follow our instructions and we’ll teach you how.

Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit Quest Walkthrough 2023

Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit

When you get to the chamber with the forklifts circling, follow the goal sign to the place just below it. Avoid being struck by forklifts, as this will cost you a significant percentage of your health. Notice one forklift flying around and passing just below the polymer’s entrance point; use your shock attack when it gets near to the polymer, and the forklift will halt, giving you enough time to scale the container it is carrying and leap directly into the polymer.

Simply swim through the polymer and use the swerve icon to exit it. You can use the same technique to scale the shelves in this section and loot the chests that reside on them. You should also be aware that you can swim for as long as you want within the polymer because it is not like water and enables you to breathe inside it.

How to enter the polymer on the ceiling: Hot Pursuit mission in Atomic heart

The Atomic Heart game is not as simple as the first-person games we usually play. It doesn’t offer you hints or teach you how to do something. It would be ideal if you racked your thoughts for an idea to solve a puzzle or get to another location. The “Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit quest in Atomic Heart might have you scratching your mind.

Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit Quest Walkthrough 2023

A specific portion of this mission appears where you need to go up, but it does not properly show how you do it. The waypoint depicts a crack on top of the roof, which is simple to overlook and confound. The roof is full with Polymer, and your goal here will be to first reach the Polymer on the ceiling before swimming through it to the other chamber. Your goal is to discover a method to get to the Polymer.

How to Go up Hot Pursuit mission in Atomic heart

To get to the Polymer, you must first enter a chamber during the Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit task, where a Cargo Loader has gone totally insane and is making circuits inside the room. It will be easy to identify due to the Green colored container on it. All you have to do is use your Shock ability to delay and stop the Cargo Loader, then leap onto the container to access the Polymer directly above you.

Swim through the Foam and you’ll be in the other chamber in a matter of seconds. However, keep in mind that you will continue to drop vitality while inside the Polymer. So that was all about how to Go Up in Atomic Heart in Hot Pursuit quest.

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