#1. Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly Quest – Complete Full Mission!

Having difficulty to complete Atomic Heart a Glass Darkly quest, Don’t worry we are here to help you. To complete this Glass Darkly Atomic Heart quest, you must repair the mirror’s entry mechanism. You must use your SHOK expertise to solve 5 magnetic room problems in order to turn the magnets to their respective red and blue sides.

Using matching red or blue magnet plates, this will raise or lower platforms. You will be able to walk from one back of the room to exit by doing so. In this post will see how to complete the Atomic Heart a Glass Darkly, A full guide for easy understanding.

Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly

What We Have To Do In Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly Quest?

To complete the Glass Darkly Atomic Heart quest, you have to do following things given below :-

  • Enter the Facility
  • Repair mirror mechanism
  • Magnet room #1
  • Laser puzzle #1
  • Magnet room #2
  • Magnet room #3
  • Laser puzzle #3
  • Magnet room #4
  • Laser puzzle #4
  • Return to the surface
  • Enter the exhibition


How to Complete The Atomic Heart a Glass Darkly Quest?

This is full guide to complete the Glass Darkly Atomic Heart quest, do follow the guide step by step.

Magnet Room #1:

Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly

You will come to a magnetic puzzle chamber up ahead. Reaching the open door somewhat on opposite side of the room is necessary for us to leave. Change the polarity first, then raise the walls to the left and right of the centre. Dash forward to the next platform and jump there. Afterwards, change polarity one more before leaping to a blue platform.

The way out is quite obvious. Jump to the normal platform in the back-right corner of the area, where you can change polarity once more. We can now sprint out the door.

To reach next challenge, a laser grid etched into the floor, leave the chamber and battle your way through robots.


Laser puzzle #1:

Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly

Perform these actions while facing the door. Change the position of the Blue Laser such that it is now on the front-left side. You can complete the puzzle if nothing else is moved. This opens up a new puzzle room.


Magnet room #2:

We’ll need to turn on a laser grid in the second room first. Only when the polarisation is correct can you see it on the left. Step up onto the red platform in the front left corner of the chamber. The common metal ledge stage is reached by taking it all the way up.

Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly

To make the swinging ledge lower, reverse the polarity. We have now arrived at a blue platform from which we can access the laser grid problem. The blue laser must be moved from top to bottom in order to unlock the puzzle. After that, climb up to the red platform over the center, just next to the door.

Jump off it and onto the elevated red platform on the right side after riding it up. We can now easily access the exit door. Another puzzle chamber will be encountered as you move forward.


Magnet room #3:

This space is special. The left and right sides are polarised differently. To start, leap onto the red platform to right of the entryway. Drop onto blue platform while keeping it up from the red platform. The red platform should then be moved to the left while hanging from the ceiling. Zap only the left side of the space.

Jump to the red platform that has been lowered in the ceiling; after that, change the polarity on the right side so that a blue platform is lifted, this will let you go to a conventional metal platform on the right wall.

In the very back of the cave, this leads towards blue platforms. You can access the exit door by lifting the platforms on either side. There’s another laser grid problem up ahead.


Laser puzzle #3:

Atomic Heart A Glass Darkly

One blue laser and two splitters are present. The three inputs must all be blue. Bring the blue laser into the middle. Place the splitter in the centre, on the centre line, Then adjust the splitter in the center-left position. To access a 4th magnetic puzzle area, unlock the door.


Magnet room #4:

Start by reversing polarity to raise the enormous wall. Locate a blue platform near to a metal fence by descending to it. Access the non-magnetic platform by ascending the blue platform. To lower the ceiling platforms, reverse the polarity once more. To reach two additional non-magnetic platforms in the room’s middle, jump across the dangling platforms.

Reposition the platforms in the ceiling. We can leap to the enormous wall separating the majority of the room from the exit from the railing on second non-magnetic platform.

It’s simple to reach the exit door once you’ve landed on the wall. There is a blueprint chest and a laser grid puzzle that are on the ground.


Laser puzzle #4:

Place the second splitter in the centre of the grid so it faces the exit door. The puzzle will be solved by splitting the red laser in half. The end of that. Step outside the door and descend. The door will automatically open and the mirror will rise up. We may now finally enter the sizable display space.


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