Get Wild Hearts Serpent Slough – Easiest Way!

All players were interested in learning how to play Wild Hearts Serpent Slough. Following the instructions in this tutorial will gain you the Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts in no time at all. As one of your first tasks in Wild Hearts is to activate the Dragon Pits, for which Serpent Slough and Little Mist Crystals are required.

We will describe the procedures needed to obtain them in this section. In order to learn where to find the Wild Hearts Serpent Slough and how to obtain it, read this entire post.

Wild Hearts Serpent Slough

How To Get The Wild Hearts Serpent Slough?

To get the Wild Hearts Serpent Slough you must visit Natsukodachi Isle. And also use the comprehensive map to find the Whipthrash Serpents. So you can kill them and take Serpent Slough as prize. They tend to congregate near the Dragon Altar and in the vicinity of the Coral Salt Swamp in the north.

They will instead drop Serpent Beard if you pet them. If you are unsure, you can also utilize the Cyclopedia to see which attainable materials have a probability to drop dependent on the Kemono. Their environment is also indicated in the Cyclopedia.

Wild Hearts Serpent Slough

Why We Are Not Getting Serpent Slough In Wild Hearts?

In reddit some players have issues that, they are not getting Wild Hearts Serpent Slough. Lets see the problem and then we find the solution of it.

The flying snake guys are supposed to be dropped off to Spirit Isle by Serpent Slough. They slaughtered a few dozen of these sly young men without capturing a single one.

Although it is mentioned in the game fifty whiptrash serpents must be killed in order to receive serpent slough, only serpent moss has been obtained after killing more than 50 of them. Is there an unique action that must be taken to induce them to drop.

To Get The Wild Hearts Serpent Slough :

Wild Hearts Serpent Slough

The Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts was dropped after killing some snake-like guys in Chapter 1 by going back. But they were at their usual location, the Chapters 3 or 4 ones were deemed intrusive. Look to see which chapter you are all in. Similar serpents in chapters 1-2 drop different items than serpents in chapters 3+.


Where To Find Serpent Flotation Cutis In Wild Hearts?

You must beat Whipthrash Serpent kemono in order to obtain Serpent Flotation Cutis. East of the Coral Salt Marsh, on Natsukodachi Isle, are these species to be found. At the Coral Salt Swamp’s blue flower fields, they frequently float over the water. Whipthrash Serpents cannot be petted in order to collect Serpent Flotation Cutis, as this results in the loss of Serpent Beard material.

You can only obtain Serpent Flotation Cutis by eliminating a Whipthrash Serpent. Try launching the Map menu if battling Whipthrash Serpents fails to yield Serpent Flotation Cutis. Next, select Chapter Three as the Chapter choice on the Main Map. This kemono would drop the Serpent Slough materials if your map is set to Chapter 2.


More Locations In Wild Hearts :-

There are many various materials and components available in Wild Hearts that can be collected, acquired from kills, and the like. Then, you can utilize these things to create or improve armor, enlarge Dragon Pits, or prepare food.

While Kemonos engages in combat, he frequently drops various goods, such as forging materials, which are used to create weapons and armor, while modification materials are used to change the armor’s stats.

Dragon Pits are expanded with crystal materials, which are obtained by gathering and from kemono drops. Of course, there are drops that may be quickly sold to make extra money. Meat, grains, and vegetables are the three categories of elements that make up food.


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