#1. Honkai Star Rail CBT – Second Announcement!

Honkai Star Rail CBT will going to announce the second rail. The Honkai Star Rail has turn-based combat, in contrast to the other action-based games from miHoYo. Where you assemble a squad of characters to take on foes with unique moves.

We also get a closer look at the Trailblazers, continuing the Hoyoverse’s recent trend of giving players control over main characters who can be changed in gender. Although there hasn’t been much clarification on what exactly that means, it appears that Honkai Star Rail might feature.

A sort of branching gameplay because both the trailer as well as its description make careful usage of the phrase Reach the conclusion of the narrative in your own way. So let’s have a look about the Honkai Star Rail CBT and more.

Honkai Star Rail CBT

What Is Honkai Star Rail CBT?

In the sci-fi space opera Honkai Star Rail CBT, myths and legends are woven into the game world, ready to be discovered. The Aeons, manifestations of universal principles that can freely move between infinite worlds by means of a primitive force, exist in this realm.

The galaxy is full of worlds with distinctive topographies and histories, and the Aeons that roam it uphold their own worldviews. Among them is the Destruction, who sees civilization as a cancer and the universe as the fallacy and who sows the ruins known as Stellarons throughout the galaxy.

The main character, who has a Stellaron device, travels on the Astral Express with the group of people who say they are descendants of Trailblaze.

Honkai Star Rail CBT

When The Second Honkai Star Rail CBT Will Announce?

A second Honkai Star Rail CBT for Hoyoverse’s new RPG has been revealed, allowing 100 lucky players to test out an early version. The second CBT for Honkai Star Rail is currently accepting applications, and winners will be revealed on May 19.

Hoyoverse even published a new trailer for game to commemorate the beginning of signups, establishing the tone for its narrative and teasing coming characters for keen-eyed fans.

Honkai Star Rail CBT

These include both previously seen figures like Himeko and Bronya as well as a number of new ones who had previously been leaked, like the character Kefka.

For those who are unaware, Honkai Star Rail is a spin-off of Honkai Impact 3rd that takes place a number of years after the primary game’s events.



1) Is Star Rail connected to Honkai?

It is the fourth entry in the Honkai franchise, and it features both new characters and different iterations of characters from Honkai Impact 3. On the game’s main YouTube channel, it was unveiled on October 7, 2021.


2) Is Honkai Star Rail PC or Mobile?

Here is all the information you need to know regarding the minimal and suggested system requirements for running the newest game from HoYoVerse, Honkai Star Rail, which will be released on PC and mobile devices.

The forthcoming HoYoVerse title Honkai Star Rail will be similar to its predecessor Genshin Impact in that it will have expansive environments and vibrant anime-inspired visuals. Players will want to optimise the game’s performance to get the most enjoyment out of it now that it is available on PC, iOS, and Android devices.


3) Is Honkai Star Rail free to play?

Honkai Star Rail is entirely free to play, just like many other gacha games, so users of PC, iOS, and Android devices can sign up and enjoy the narrative without having to pay any money.

Although the game is free to play, some characters and goods must be unlocked using in-game currencies, which must be bought with real-world money. This primarily pertains to the premium in-game currency, Stellar Jade, which is used to buy Star Rail or Special Star Rail Passes to roll on the game’s character and weapon banners.


4) Who is the girl in Honkai Star Rail?

Young Clara of Honkai Star Rail mimics Klee of Genshin Impact. She joined the prospectors because she has no place to live. She frequently has the robot Svarog with her after accidentally reactivating it from an inactive relic.

Honkai Star Rail CBT

5) Is Honkai Star Rail out yet on mobile?

The publication date for the game is set for 2023. We anticipate that it will debut on April 26, 2023. This is so because Honkai Star Rail is supposed to release on that day, according to the game’s iOS description. There is presently a final beta running, but its duration is currently unknown.


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