Madden 23 Face Of The Franchise Glitch – Is The Official Fix Available?

All are facing Madden 23 face of the franchise glitch. This is happening when the player resigns then seeks to sign a new deal with an NFL organisation, something goes wrong. Players get caught in a contract-signing loop, to be more accurate.

However when a player signs one of thirty NFL contracts, the entire game freezes for five to ten seconds. Following that, you will be sent to the Main Menu screen and forced to watch the contract signing cutscene once more. So in this post we will try to fix the Madden 23 face of the franchise glitch and learn the reason behind it.

Face Of The Franchise Glitch

How To Fix Madden 23 Face Of The Franchise Glitch?

Several techniques were tried by players to fix the Face of the Franchise Glitch in Madden 23. However, their efforts were a complete failure, so they put this matter online to force EA to pay attention.

Soon after, EA tweeted in response to the problem, stating that they were well aware of it. The fact that their project team is attempting to resolve this issue was also noted. Although there is currently no official solution, you can try the following techniques to see if they help.

Face Of The Franchise Glitch

  1. Try using Steam to check the game’s integrity files.
  2. Try restarting the game and emptying the cache as well.
  3. Switch off Windows Firewalls and Antivirus, then restart the game.
  4. That concludes our discussion of Madden 23 Face of Franchise Glitch.


Why Request To Fix Madden 23 Face Of The Franchise Glitch Is Currently Unavailable?

This Madden 23 face of the franchise glitch problem seemed to be connected to the EA servers, based on appearances. Several players were dissatisfied with Madden 23 because of its flaws. The long list of missteps made by players this season includes this one as well.

The Requested League is Currently Unavailable problem in Madden 23 looks to be server-related, thus there’s nothing you can do to repair it. Therefore keep an eye out for EA to solve the issue.

Face Of The Franchise Glitch

What Is The Best Face Of The Franchise Positions In Madden 23?

Defense is clearly the better choice with in Face of the Franchise mode. Before realising that play art doesn’t actually relevant, we had WR ranked lower. On a play, you can feasibly run wherever you choose and then signal for the ball once you are free. The designed route will be used, not your improvised one, if the quarterback decides to pass to you on their own.

To maximise your career as a wide receiver, choose a team with a strong quarterback, such as the Chiefs, Bills, and Buccaneers. Even when playing RB, you may hot route yourself every play. When hot routing them, you’ll need to know the receiver’s name because the button symbols won’t appear.

The times when you will automatically catch a pass and the times when you will need to RAC, aggressive, and possession catch are a little inconsistent. We think you’ll automatically catch the ball if the CPU throws it to you without you asking for it.


Madden 23 Face Of The Franchise Update :-
  • Resolved a bug in the side activity for the Flood Pass Idea that displayed the wrong number of drills left.
  • A problem where the teams appeared in reverse in the League Hub Stats/Ranks widget has been fixed.
  • Many instances of incorrect scaling on select 4K Televisions were fixed.
  • Resolved a rare occurrence that could unexpectedly swap a career’s save file from a non-QB position to the QB position.

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