All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts: Full Guide !

Want to know where All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts? If you don’t know where they are all, you’ve come to the right place. since not all places have been made public yet. As at Haragasumi Way region contains 50 distinct sites where Wild Hearts Tsukumo Locations could be found, according to the game.

The total amount of Tsukumo in the entire game is 250 thanks to the five sections of Azuma, each of which contains 50 of them. All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts are frequently discovered hidden away in secluded areas of Azuma. These can be discovered amid the ruins of the buildings that dot a landscape as well as at the top of a wall that is climbable.

Most of the time, the player will receive numerous Tsumuko for taking time to carefully explore every aspect of a territory. Thus, in this post, we’ll cover All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts and how to access it.

All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts

What Is Wild Hearts Tsukumo?

In Wild Hearts Tsukumo small mechanical balls roll beside you and serve as your buddies. Similar to the Palico from Monster Hunter, Tsukumo has the ability to heal you, battle with you, and even serve as bait for formidable beasts.

After locating Upgrade Cogs in Wild Hearts, Wild Hearts Tsukumo can be upgraded with them. Sit by the fire then select the Improve Tsukumo option to upgrade Tsukumo. There are four forms you can select from.

Attack Form – Tsukumo can use straightforward karakuri-based assaults to engage the foe. This characteristic emphasises the Tsukumo’s capacity for offence.

Defense Form – The Tsukumo is protected during a battle and absorbs less damage thanks to defence, which performs exactly what it promises.

Assist Form – One of the most crucial forms, it shortens the Tsukumo’s recovery period after being taken out of service. The hunter can use this form to summon a healing mist that gradually fills the health bar when it is low.

Threader Form – The Tsukumo can transfer karakuri thread to the hunter using this form by removing it from the environment.


All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts :-

Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts prefer to blend with their surroundings, yet they are actually rather simple to locate. They produce a mechanical chattering sound, and you will encounter them along the main plot line. Moreover, a Karakuri tree improvement that uses the Tower to display Tsukumo on a map is available.

Location 1 :

All Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts

You will face off against the Ragetail and the Kingtusk in the game’s first map in a sizable open arena with dwellings. You can pick up a Tsukumo off the wall of the house off to the side.


How We Can Find Other Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts?

One of the valuables in Wild Hearts is the tsukumo, which is arguably the most significant of all of them. When you play solo, collecting them gives you Old Cogs, which you may use to improve the Tsukumo that accompanies you into combat.

Finding more Tsukumo Locations in Wild Hearts is crucial to your survival as a result. Yet finding them all can be challenging given that there are 250 of them to gather. Wild Hearts has a mechanism to assist you in discovering the 250 Tsukumo so you don’t have to worry about doing it alone.

Finding them must be simple, but first you need to take a few steps to help yourself.

  • Explore the area.
  • Get the Hunter Tower.
  • Place your Hunter Towers carefully
  • Get the Hunter Tower – Deep Probe upgrade.
  • Activate the Hunter Towers.
  • Head for the “?” icons to find the collectibles.


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