Valiant Force 2 Selector – Which One You Will Choose?

Have you heard about Valiant Force 2 Selector, As the game have become a good topic to took among the gamers. The Valiant Force 2 Selector is ticket in which you have to select one Guardian.

So in this post we will what is is about and how to get one for you. And you also get to there skills, by this it is very easy to select one character. So without any further due lets start the article.

Valiant Force 2 Selector

Valiant Force 2 Selector Units :-

In Valiant Force 2 Selector you can access the Guardians Invocation unit Selection after finishing Stages 0 to 3 of the campaign. Now you get to pick which of the three Guardian class troops you get to retain for free.

Valiant Force 2 Selector

I think Altima is the best option, She is among the game’s top units. Victoria and Faye share a similar level of power. The Valiant Force 2 Selector units are as follows:

  1. Altima
  2. Victoria
  3. Faye


Valiant Force 2 Selector: Skills Of Character’s :-

You have the option to choose one character from a list of three after completing the first lesson in Valiant Force 2. When selecting a character, you should analyse all of their active and passive abilities to see if they provide you with what you want from a tank. The Valiant Force 2 Selector characters’ active and passive skills are listed below.

1) Altima :

Altima’s active talent offers magical defence and the trigger skill that can heal surrounding soldiers and increase the attacks of other units. Inflicting damage on linked troops is possible using the passive skill.

Active Skills: When used, all friendly units receive two rounds of 21% magical protection. It causes a trigger on unit to be active for two turns. After this unit’s round is over, if any troops are within two tiles of it, the skill will be activated. They receive healing equal to 30% of this unit’s Health and receive a two-turn attack boost of 7% from other units.

Passive Skills: Linking units will attack nearby enemies, causing 65% damage.


2) Victoria:

Victoria’s active skill reduces physical damage and activates a taunt and debuff skill for foes. The linked units’ defence is increased by the passive skill.

Active Skills: When used, all friendly units will have their physical damage reduced by 21% for two turns, and they will also receive a trigger. trigger skill: Apply a weakness debuff to foes within two tiles at the conclusion of the unit turn. Debuff taunts the foes for one turn and reduces the target’s attack by 14% for two rounds.

Passive Skills: The linked unit receives a 23% increase in this unit’s physical defence for one round when it activates.


3) Faye:

Faye’s active skill helps her survive by deflecting enemy units attention while giving herself some protection. The passive talent is helpful for boosting opponents and raising linked troops damage output.

Active Skills: She tattles on all adversarial units for three rounds after being activated, and she also deflects 75% of damage for two turns. Give this unit unlimited stacks of the last stand for one turn.

Passive Skills: For one turn, attack one enemy unit with 15% of this unit’s attack. Cause all liked units to inflict weakness.

Faye may be the ideal option if you’re looking for a tanky character from the Valiant Force 2 tier list who can draw aggro and debuff enemies. Altima may be the ideal option if you need a backup character who can offer defence and healing.

Victoria may be the ideal option if you require a defensive character who can deflect damage and taunt opponents. Select any one character in Valiant Force 2 which you think in good for you.


How To Get Extra Boost In Valiant Force 2

Auras, weapons, talents, the Valiant Force 2 gallery option, and other features all come into play in Valiant Force 2 when looking to increase the power of your character. The gallery enables gamers to examine all the skins, weapons, characters, and other items they will acquire while playing.

Like the Prodigal Blacksmith skin set, that activates the 0.5% HP bounce if you acquire one of its parts, each collection includes a set of collections that could be activated. To gain a larger collection of bounces, collect and activate buffs. The third method for giving units a boost is through character affinity. The attacks, PDEF, and MDEF of the characters will increase if you acquire all members of one affinity group.

The units’ affinity level determines the boost’s digits. When you first unlock an affinity group, your units receive a 5% boost to the previously mentioned stats. If you manage to raise all of the characters in the group’s affinity levels to level 12, the boost increases to 10%, and if you are successful in reaching affinity level 30, your units receive a 20% boost.


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